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MNWD man faces charge of sexual

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE Metro Naga Water District (MNWD) has recently established an investigation body to address allegations of sexual harassment.

The accused employee, assigned to the Water Resource Division, reportedly harassed a female student, an intern/on-job-training at the water district.

The incident occurred during what was supposed to be a fieldwork day when the employee allegedly used his sedan to take the student to a hotel in the city.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the intern swiftly exited the vehicle and fled. The official pursued her and assured her that he would return her to the MNWD office at J. Miranda Avenue in Barangay Concepcion Pequeña.

For now, the identities of both the official and the student remain confidential. Jesus Salvador Dela Cruz, the MNWD public information officer, confirmed that an investigation committee, led by the human resource officer, has been formed.

The MNWD management is committed to addressing this matter seriously and will take appropriate action based on the evidence. Whether criminal charges will be filed against the official depends on the student’s and her family’s decision.

As of March 18, the investigation is underway, while the Partido State University has yet to comment on the situation.


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