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MNWD Partners with groups for the Environment Awareness Month

Every month of November, Environmental Awareness is celebrated in the Philippines with the hopes of promoting consciousness and appreciation for nature and environment. This annual affair is a manifestation of our individual and collective responsibility to care for the one planet that we live in.

Here in Bicol, we are blessed with several artists and groups who share the same aspiration in spreading environmental awareness. To be able to do just that, Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) collaborated with the Isarog Garden Society Foundation Incorporated (IGSFInc.), Kintab Artists Group, together with the Philippine Wikimedia Community Inc., for Pagkarahay Arts Festival, an event which promotes environmental consciousness through art. With this year’s theme, Kapalibutan: Burabod nin Buhay, the event will serve as a healing experience for both professional and aspiring artists, as well as the community – a break from all worries and anxieties that the pandemic is currently causing. There will be art workshops, art competitions, and art talks enhancing the mind, body, soul.

The 3rd Pagkarahay Arts Festival will be held on November 30, 2021 at the Naga City Ecology Park and will be streaming live on Facebook and Zoom. (YMMSavilla)


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