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MNWD to address water shortage

By Paulo DS. Papa

The Metro Naga Water District General Manager, Florencio Mongoso Jr., recently projected an insufficient supply of groundwater in Naga City and other parts of Camarines Sur from next month until June next year, attributing it to the El Niño phenomenon this year.

Mongoso emphasized that the insufficient rainwater absorption into the soil during this period will impact groundwater replenishment.

To address this concern, he plans to convene water districts serving areas around Isarog volcano for a memorandum of agreement signing on November 21.

The collaborative effort aims to secure a consistent and ample supply of potable water for consumers. The areas surrounding Isarog, including Naga, Pili, Ocampo, Tigaon, Goa, Tinambac, Calabanga, Bombon, and Magarao, will be covered by this agreement.

Additionally, the memorandum seeks to ensure the maintenance of Isarog and sustain its water supply from springs.

Mongoso highlighted that MNWD holds a significant advantage, obtaining around 30 percent of its water supply from the dormant volcano.

He previously noted challenges in areas already urbanized, where rainwater flows into drainage systems, hindering soil absorption for groundwater replenishment.


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