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Museo de Legazpi opens 1st exhibit

By Cet Dematera

AFTER a year of suspension of all the exhibition events and activities due to the prevailing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Museo de Legazpi has finally opened on Thursday, Apr. 8 an exhibition that showcased the heritage and culture of Legazpi City.

Shown in the exhibit are portraits of former mayors, governors, and city officials, including prominent personalities, who had contributed to the progress and development of the city for the past several years.

Mayor Noel E. Rosal in an interview said that this exhibit is a symbolic remembering of all the personalities who worked hard for the improvement of Legazpi as they also leave inspiration to the city residents.

“This exhibit is very important particularly to the new generation in order for them to know the history of Legazpi and know how important the heritage and culture of this city”, he pointed out.

Rosal encouraged all the Legazpenos to continue to preserve the culture and heritage of the city, adding that it can bring more benefits to the existing city’s social and economic status that contributes to uplift the lives of city residents.

Rosal reminded visitors of the exhibit to observe the health and safety protocols.

Darlito Perez, curator of the Museo de Legazpi, said that displayed in the exhibit are pictures and portraits of places and structures with sentimental and historical values that included the Saint Rafael Church and the St. Gregory The Great Cathedral that are both recognized historical treasures by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

One of the prominent displayed photos is of Bogs Adornado, a varsity player of Divine Word College Falcon team, who later on became a famous player of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) under the Crispa team. He also became an Most Valuable Player.

“In fact, Bogs Adornado was not only a byword in Bicol but in the entire country as well,” Perez said.

Perez said that another Bicolana chess player from Legazpi City who made a record in sport was Janelle May Bermas Frayna, also a student of the Divine Word College of Legazpi.

“Frayna was awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster by Federation Internationale Des Eches (FIDE) in 2017, becoming the first in the Philippines to achieve such recognition,” he added.

Perez noted that at the Philippine women’s national chess championship, Frayna became a champion in two editions. The lady grandmaster also became a champion for multiple times at the ASEAN age-group Chess tournaments.

Perez said they would continue showcasing and recognizing Legazpenos who are unconditionally bringing honor to the city through their historical legacies.


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