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My PREX Story

By Tanny Lañada 

After attending the Parish Renewal Experience seminar in July of 1993, my outlook in life had changed. Before I am contented that I do not miss my Sundays and Holidays of obligation, I found myself enjoying serving in the parish, and being friendly with the parishioners and with our parish priest. Soon it make a difference in my state of life towards dealing with the people in my workplace, in the church and in the community.  We are blessed enough that me and my husband are now serving in religious activities of the parish.

After Prex, as they were tasked to share the gospel to people, they are encouraged to pass on the faith to others. The religious organizations existing in the parish are being introduced to them and were asked to join to any of their choice where they can share their talent.  We request them to attend the PREX schedule of praise and worship, prayer meetings every Thursday after office hours, so that they will always be attached to Jesus and be a testimony to others.

Most of the members of the different religious organizations in the parish have already attended the PREX seminar.  Those who are not, were advised to attend.  They are enjoined to attend religious formations, retreats, team building, etc., for each other continuous spiritual growth and learning.

As of now, I am involved in the conduct of the PREX seminar, being the PREX Chair Couple, together with my husband, in our parish.  The PREX seminar- three nights and a two days seminar weekend is a formation considered as an entry point of those PREX graduates to be involved in church activities and programs.  I am also among the member of the core group of the ICP-SKK, Saradit na Kristyanong Komunidad, reaching out our brothers and sisters in sitios of the parish, teaching and bringing them to the fold of our Catholic Faith.  I contribute too to the growth of our parish, in my own little way, as I continue to share my time. (Tanny Lañada is NAPPS Vice President of the Archdiocese of Caceres since October 2022)


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