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Naga City fire incidents drop

By Kim Villafuerte

In an incident report released by BFP Naga City Fire Station headed by FCINSP MARC ALLAN C CONSUEGRA, only three minor fire incidents were reported across various barangays in the city last March. This marks a decrease from the seven incidents reported in February.

According to SFO1 Restituto N Dait Jr (Chief, Community Relations Unit), this is because of BFP Naga’s extended efforts to prevent fire-related occurrences.

He emphasized that while the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) treats fire suppression with utmost urgency, the conduct of fire prevention activities is just as important. The bureau dedicates a lot of time to ensure that fire-related hazards are prevented from escalating into incidents.

In celebration of Fire Prevention Month, BFP Naga conducted several activities aimed at educating and raising awareness about fire prevention as well as precautionary measures in schools and barangays around Naga City.

Adhering to the Republic Act 9514 of 2008 also known as the ‘Fire Code of the Philippines’, BFP Naga has consistently conducted public awareness campaigns and regular inspections of establishments around the city.

There are an estimated 9 thousand establishments in Naga, with more or less twenty-five (25) out of the 62 BFP Naga personnel designated as Fire Safety Inspectors consistently inspecting them to identify any violations that need correction according to the Fire Code.

“Pag pinapaagi ta sinda sa inspection, maprebentaran ta na. Mahihiling na kang mga inspector na ay ini, delikado ini. Fire hazard ini. Dapat ini, ma-corect ta.” SFO1 Dait said.

It was revealed that the leading cause of fires in Naga City are due to defective electrical appliances.

BFP Fire Safety Inspectors are only authorized to conduct fire safety inspection upon issuance of Inspection Order duly approved by the Fire Marshal, which usually covers only those business establishments securing their permits and licenses and newly constructed buildings and residences securing their certificates of occupancy.

For residential houses, the BFP has its Oplan Ligtas na Pamayanan (OLP) Program, which provides them the opportunity to conduct house-to-house fire safety surveys in different barangays in coordination with the barangay officials.

Furthermore, the BFP always conducts post-fire analyses following each fire incident they respond to. In an interview, SFO1 Dait explained that this process is like an evaluation, wherein responders point out, assess, and recommend interventions so they can respond to future incidents better.

SFO1 Dait noted that BFP does not only conduct these kinds of activities during Fire Prevention Month instead, they advocate for fire prevention throughout the entire year. The Fire Prevention Month celebration is just one of the bureau’s many ways of increasing public safety awareness.

The BFP regularly conducts fire drills and fire safety seminars on all establishments. From April 1 to 4, BFP Naga has successfully conducted fire and earthquake drills in barangays like Del Rosario and Concepcion Pequeña. Additionally, a Fire Safety Seminar was done at Balatas Elementary School.

BFP also offers Basic Skills for Responders (BSR) training for barangay and company fire brigades to provide them basic firefighting skills. Organizing and training fire brigades in different barangays and large establishments provide a greater chance in the early suppression of fire should such incidents occur in their immediate vicinity. Participating in such training being conducted by the BFP effectively enables the barangay constituents and occupants especially of large establishments as first responders in their respective areas.

Since there are still no nearby BFP substations in the barangay, in the event of fire and other emergencies, the trained first responders can conduct firefighting measures like using fire extinguishers and organizing a bucket relay to extinguish the fire while waiting for the arrival of BFP.

Furthermore, BFP Naga will be conducting barangay fire brigade programs next month to boost awareness of fire safety and prevention. These programs are aimed at making sure people know how to prevent fires and respond in case of an incident.

Look out for daily fire safety tips and updates from BFP Naga’s Facebook page: BFP R5 Naga City Fire Station.


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