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Naga City joins Int'l Day Forest

By Connie Calipay

Some 2,022 trees were planted on Monday, March 21, as the Naga City government joined the celebration of 2022 International Day of the Forests with a theme "Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption at Forest-in-Our-Midst (FOM) sites in the city.

The activity was conducted early in the morning, together with other groups and organizations from the city for the grand opening of the simultaneous tree-planting.

Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion said the activity aims to help in preserving and greening the environment.

"Bilang sarong paratanom, aram ko po mismo an kahalagahan kan pagpreserba kan satuyang berdeng kapalibotan para sa salud kan lambang Nagueño, kaya grabe na sana po an satuyang espuerso ta nganing mapangyari niato an kamawotan na ini healthy environment,” Legacion said.

Alongside the activity, the former Balatas Open Dumpsite in the city was formally launched as one of the FOM Ecological Park, a project that aims to promote the environment by creating “mini-forests” not only in the rural communities in the city but also within the urban and residential areas.

There are already 23,000 sapling trees planted as of February 28, 2022, for the past two years since the launching of FOM. (PNA)


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