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Naga City’s Comeback

When I took the trimobile (tuk-tuk) recently, I asked the tricycle driver if he is earning pretty much the same as pre-pandemic times. His reply was a reassuring “Yes!” That made me glad. It is good to know that our people are bouncing back.

There is a traffic jam now in the City of Naga during the rush hour. And, the vibrancy of the city has never been much livelier than it is now. The educational hub is teeming with students from all levels. That was a week or two ago. Now, they are enjoying their much-deserved vacation. Why?

The heat of the summer was at its all time highs in some parts across the country. Probably, due to Climate Change as well. And, the looming El Niño forecast. According to PAGASA it may emerge in the coming months, we hope and pray that it may not.

The micro-traffic-light-system in the intersection of Peñafrancia Avenue and Magsaysay Avenue is now properly utilized. The reason behind that would be the extensive road-widening implemented by the local government of the city. And, there are still road improvements in the area as of this writing.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is now open. Wow! That would be next on our bucket list. Incidentally, we tried the newly opened, Coffee Near Me, and it was absolutely amazing. The chocolate shake with whipped cream added vigor to a writer’s creative process. And, affordable may we just add.

We saw a new Italian restaurant in the Magsaysay District, Pomodoro Pizza, and the place looks great from the outside and we are looking forward to sample their take on Italian Cuisine one of these days.

Magsaysay TOWN Center has Mark’s and Steaks and Masisseo Korean Restaurant. And, Vita Bella Bubble Drink & Coffee Shop.

Sometimes in life, we do have to live to eat and not just eat to live. Special occasions come to mind right? Indeed, do not worry and be happy-- ultimately, people’s reunions --for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and other milestones.

Providentially, more and more people are realizing that Metro Manila is reaching its maximum limit. Manila is a concrete jungle. The hot weather is almost intolerable. Overtime, Bicolanos have been searching for opportunities in other parts of the country and abroad. Remember, when offices in Naga were transferred to Legazpi City? Or even farther, during the American colonial period the city was reduced to a municipality. And even much farther in History, it lost its Spanish name, Nueva Caceres. What were they doing to our much-loved-city?

Fortunately, the City is on its way to a bright future and a hybrid of potent-cultures. There are the Futura Monte Naga and the Residencia Magayon projects which are both Real Estate Developments. While, the UMA Residences Naga City is now built and in its finishing stages. In fact, Seattle’s Best Coffee is located in its ground floor.

People are coming back and flocking to the City of Naga to try their luck here. Some are investing in properties for retirement here. Yes, indeed. Did you know that the heat index here is still bearable. This is the City of success; the achievement of dreams, the fulfillment of one’s hopes in the new frontier.

Having written all about the shiny new things of the City, let us not forget the old Heritage buildings that stood the test of time. It is part of the attractive-touristic-magnetism of the City. The Intramuros or walled city in Manila is cashing in on tourists who are fascinated by the phenomenal European past of the country. Naga’s churches, the Minor Seminary, the plazas or parks, etc should, in the same manner, be preserved and be protected. They too have their magic.

Lest we become like the sultan’s daughter in the story of Aladdin, who upon seeing the old lamp lying around the pavilion and unaware of its magic, orders her servant to give the sorcerer the lamp. A huge plot twist in the children’s story.

Furthermore, to cite two nations with tourist attractions in the same light. Rome, Italy has its old-world-charm in the narrow, cobblestone streets and alleys, its medieval edifices and monuments. Secondly, there is Greece which has its famous ruins; the Parthenon, statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses etc.

In the City of Naga, the Cathedral’s Porta Mariae has become a landmark on its own right. And, the Ancient Shrine of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. They are two of its treasures worth keeping. Our national hero once had written that whoever does not look upon the past and learn its lessons, they would never reach their destination and to their chagrin, they will repeat the same mistakes in humanity’s history.


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