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Naga conducts online vaccine registration

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

“The Covid-19 online vaccination will help encourage more vaccinees to be inoculated without compromising their safety, convenience and time,” Naga City Mayor Legacion stated during the launching of Naga City Online Vaccination recently.

The online vaccination registration will also avoid one of the no-no’s during this pandemic - the overcrowding of residents, which will violate the safety protocol on social distancing.

Legacion said that the city is envisioning a 100 percent completion of the vaccination program where each Nagueño can have the vaccine jab but said he will be nonetheless satisfied if 70 percent of the total city population will be inoculated.

It will be recalled that the city received a low turn-out of respondents who wished to be vaccinated when it was just starting with its survey sometime in February. The tables turned when more information regarding the benefits of being vaccinated circulated and more people from across the globe started getting the vax jab.

“We have created the Naga City Online Vaccination Registration site where interested vaccinees can get various information regarding the benefits of getting vaccinated. It is also one of the safest methods to be on the list and wait via online confirmation and not by queuing, which can endanger one’s health,” Naga City Information Technology officer Reuel Oliver said.

Oliver added that through the said program, the city is also opening its doors to other private organizations that can help in attaining the city’s goal of vaccinating majority of its population.

Interested vaccinees may visit to register. The site contains the city’s detailed Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan and where the vaccinees can check the time and date when they will be inoculated.

Legacion said those who do not have internet access can visit their respective barangay halls and ask for assistance from the barangay officials to help them register online. He said that he is enjoining all the barangays to have their respective online registration centers to assist those who do not have the capacity to do the registration by themselves.

The registration, Legacion added, will still be validated by the City Health Office to avoid duplication of registrants. Qualification of vaccinees will also be checked including the veracity of the information that they have entered on the site. The vaccinees who wish to log online for their vaccination are requested to be honest and to attest to the truthfulness of the information that they have provided in the site.

This program is expected to encourage more Nagueños to step up and submit themselves for inoculation before the year ends. ( PIA5/Camarines Sur)


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