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Naga district slaughterhouse gets meat van from government

By Jason B. Neola

The Department of Agriculture (DA) in Bicol donated to the City Government of Naga on Tuesday, Nov. 2, a refrigerated truck that can be used in the delivery of fresh meat products to public markets in the six neighboring towns that avail the butchering services of the city’s district abattoir.

The brand-new meat transport vehicle was formally received by Mayor Nelson Legacion from Regional Executive Director Rodel Tornilla of DA and Dr. Alex Templonuevo of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS). Templonuevo represented Rolando Marquez, a veterinary doctor who heads the NMIS.

NEW VAN The refrigerated container van donated by the Department of Agriculture (DA) to the Naga City government. The van is expected to ensure the need for hygienic meat delivery to public markets in the six neighboring towns of the city. JBN/REY BAYLON/CEPPIO

With the P1.9-million van, the city’s district slaughterhouse can implement proper transport of pork, beef, carabeef, and chevon (goat meat) to its clients without compromising the required cold chain management or the needed refrigerated temperature of the products while being transported to the municipalities of Bombon, Camaligan, Gainza, Canaman, Milaor, and Magarao.

Legacion, as he thanked the two officials of the government agencies, said that it was thru the partnership of the city with DA and NMIS that made the donation possible. It was the NMIS that identified the city government to be the recipient of meat transport vehicle with its status as district abattoir

The Naga City District Abattoir operates as “Double A” district slaughterhouse, which means that the meat products are guaranteed to be uncontaminated, safe, healthy, and fit for human consumption.


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