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Naga to issue citation tickets to jaywalkers

By Jason B. Neola

NAGA’s Central Business District (CBD) 1 is witnessing significant improvements as the Naga City Public Safety Office (PSO) personnel diligently work on pavement markings and pedestrian lane repainting.

Renne Gumba, the PSO executive director, highlighted that this initiative, nearing completion with 70 percent of pavements and pedestrian lanes already refreshed, serves as a prelude to the city’s no-nonsense implementation of the jaywalking ordinance.

Gumba emphasized that the primary goal of this effort is to cultivate discipline among pedestrians, who sometimes overlook designated facilities while traversing downtown. The idea for the repainting was proposed by Col. Erwin Rebellion, the city director of the Naga City Police Office, underlining the importance of extending discipline beyond motorists.

Gumba stressed, “If we want to see orderly roads and thoroughfares, let us also ensure that everyone who uses them moves in an orderly manner, not just those driving vehicles.”

By enforcing the jaywalking ordinance, Gumba explained, the city aims to mitigate road accidents.

The PSO personnel dedicate their evenings to repainting works, from 8:00 PM until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, ensuring minimal disruption to daily activities.

Looking ahead, Gumba reported that their focus will shift to pedestrian lanes and pavements along J. Hernandez Avenue (Igualdad Street), one of CBD 1’s busiest streets. Additionally, repairing signage for parking areas designated for 4-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, tricycles, and e-bikes is on the agenda.

The comprehensive efforts by the Naga City PSO underscore the city’s commitment to enhancing safety measures and promoting orderly behavior among all road users.


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