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NCF establishes rural entrepreneurship center

The Naga College Foundation (NCF) has opened a Center of Rural Entrepreneurship for Economic Development (CREED Center) to answer the needs for capacity enhancement of marginalized or economically-challenged sectors. The target groups are barangay officials, CSOs and POs compose of small agricultural producers and informal business operators. It is also designed to enhance the capacity of municipal development officials in economic governance and service delivery.

The NCF-CREED Center will bring the NCF’s corporate social responsibility programs from academic and sports excellence including community development services.

The center will offer short-term practical and community-based training and development programs comprising four modules: Local Area Development, Practical Economics, Rural Enterprise Strategies, and Executive Management Skills. Each module will be delivered through lectures and “how to” tools and strategy templates designed for target groups with marginal education and training backgrounds. They are all developed from years of participatory action research.

It is NCF’s contribution and response to the present program in post-pandemic social and economic rehabilitation.

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