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New opportunities

By Kishi Grace S. Relloso

These days, some students aren’t putting in as much effort as they could to get good grades. They seem to be okay with just passing their classes, even if they don’t do their best. It’s like they’re satisfied with getting a low mark, as long as they can finish school or just move on to the next grade. But shouldn’t we all aim higher and strive for excellence?

Just because you go to a certain school doesn’t mean you’re not as capable as students in other schools. Every school is a place where you can learn and grow, no matter where you are. School isn’t just about memorizing facts and passing tests; it’s about gaining knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in the real world.

Getting good grades can open up so many doors for you, especially when you get to high school or college. With good grades, you can qualify for admission to top schools, and you might even earn scholarships that cover your tuition fees. It’s like winning a golden ticket that gives you access to a brighter future!

Even in elementary school, I’ve seen how hard work pays off. It might be challenging at times, but it’s worth it in the end. Each assignment and test is like a stepping stone preparing us for the challenges we’ll face in high school and beyond. It’s like planting seeds of knowledge that will continue to grow as we progress through our education journey.

Working hard isn’t just important for school; it’s essential for success in life too. Whether we’re in elementary school, high school, or beyond, putting in our best effort is the key to achieving our goals. There’s always more to learn and accomplish, and by giving it our all, we set ourselves up for a bright and promising future.

So let’s remember to work hard and aim high, both in school and in life. By doing our part and giving it our all, we can unlock endless opportunities and reach our full potential. So let’s keep pushing ourselves, because the harder we work, the brighter our future will be!


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