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NGO urges folk to report marine mammal sightings, an organization that conducts research on dolphins and whales in the Philippines, urges locals to report sightings of marine mammals.

This is in response to the reported dead striped dolphin found in Buenavista, Sorsogon in March. “To date, no documented sightings at sea. All records from dead strandings. Please share reports to help understand them,” the organization said in a tweet.

“That particular post was referring to sharing reports on strandings of any marine mammal but yes, we do encourage sharing of reports with photos or videos preferably, about marine mammals. We check reports and if sent with photos/videos, we help identify the species. By doing this, we add to the info on what species are found in the country and where they are found,” Dr. Jo Acebes told Bicol Mail in an email interview.

According to her “Striped dolphins are considered uncommon in the Philippines because their occurrence has so far only been recorded through strandings of dead animals. No one has ever recorded live sightings of striped dolphins in the country. Striped dolphins are generally found in oceanic regions and can only be seen close to shore where deep water is near the coast.”

The dolphin measured 185 centimeters, had an open wound in both sides of its body, and was turned over to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for necropsy and proper disposition, according to a Facebook post by the local government of Gubat, Sorsogon.


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