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‘No vax no work’ not allowed - DOLE

By Paulo DS. Papa

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in Bicol recently clarified that the “no vaccination no work” policy in private firms and companies is not allowed under its Labor Advisory No. 03, s. 2021.

JV Gasga, DOLE Bicol spokesperson, said that under the advisory, private sector employers are encouraged to administer vaccination in their working places.

Employers shall adopt just vaccination policy as part of their occupational safety and health program which is required by the government. Each company or agency shall adopt the program for responsive actions on health of the workers, she said.

The “no vaccine no work” policy is not allowed. Employers should endeavor to encourage their employees to get vaccinated. Any employee who refuses or fails to be vaccinated should not be discriminated against in terms of tenure, promotion training, pay, and other benefits,. Or their services terminated, the Labor Advisory stated.

She said employees who are victims of no vax no work policy may file a complaint against their companies with the DOLE.


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