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North vs. South

What season is it? I know it’s been cold lately. I have heard of climate change, but there’s something wrong with the season. Is it election season? Why are the top heads of our state acting as if they have to amass support? Why are they at each other’s throats, hurling mud at each other? It’s North vs. South battle royal. What’s really at stake here? Usually, when politicians act this way, it’s because they’re discrediting each other to dissuade voters from voting the other, or gathering support for one’s own candidacy. But the next election is more than a year from now. The highest open position at that time would be the seats for the Senate. Will they be running for the Senate? Of course, not. Is this to discredit each other’s lineup of senatorial candidates? That’s highly unlikely. It’s not even clear who will be running. Sometimes, politicians would do this when they have different stands on one or some national issues. If so, what issues do they have different stands on? Oh, maybe they differ on the issue on the International Criminal Court carrying out its investigation in the country. But that’s also vague. Of course, the Vice President would be against it. I remember the President making strong statements against it. But recently, he seems to have developed an open mind for it. But, what changed? Where did the road turn?

We should have seen this coming. Even at the start of their administration, we have heard buzz of their alleged mistrust or dislike towards each other. There was this buzz then that the reason BBM placed Inday Sarah on DepEd was to keep her away from DND or DILG where he could amass influence or power. Sarah Duterte on DepEd was really a weird choice, like chilli paste on oatmeal. But, as time passed, we have gotten used to her heading all public teachers nationwide. That MATATAG Agenda seems to be a good idea. It’s the past few months that it has become obvious that the boat was definitely rocking. I think it started when the President took a stand against China. That in itself is a non-Duterte move. We all know how highly former President Duterte esteems Chinese President Xi Jinping and his governance of his communist state, while at the same time loathing with the utmost hatred Filipino communists and leftists with his National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict tagging red here and there. I think it had only been former President Duterte who formed an agency who went exclusively against commies. FVR and Erap had task forces against crime, with the kidnapping for ransom cases rising then. Noynoy went after corruption. But Duterte went against communists; and yes, he also hates drugs. Then, the Vice President’s confidential funds were denied with the President being silent all along. I believe that he could have easily called his people in Congress to let the funds through. But what happened happened. Then, finally, former Senator Leila de Lima whom former President Duterte wanted so much to rot the rest of her life in jail, was freed on bail, with her cases looking to be acquitted. We may see that as a favorable event for former Sen. De Lima, but that was an insult to the former President. Then, after that, the ICC was suddenly welcome to the country, as opposed to President BBM’s initial stand that the Philippines is capable to administer its own justice system. This sent Senator Bato de la Rosa freaking out, and put Justice Secretary Boying Remulla in an awkward position. Then, recently, budget allotment for the district of Congressman Paolo Duterte was stripped off of 2 billion pesos. Whoa! That is a lot of pesos!

Can someone please educate me on what this Bagong Pilipinas Movement kick-off rally is all about? Yes, it is good for the nation to be rising up and advancing, and the Filipino citizens to serve the nation efficiently, but what is this for? It feels more like a grand rally for an electoral campaign. It gives the impression that BBM was declaring his campaign for some position and all his supporters gathered en masse to show a full force of strong support. Again, what for?

Then, right after that, (or was it simultaneous?), VP Duterte attends another rally in Davao, which is said to be against charter change. Why are the Dutertes against charter change? Is not the former President a staunch advocate of federalism, which would require charter change? In that rally, Davao Mayor Baste Duterte (who some years ago, openly declared that all he wants to do in his life is surf) called for BBM to resign if he would not prioritize “love for country”. Wait, Paano nakalaog sa urulay ang “love for country”? Ano na ‘yan! Now, they’re accusing each other of drug addiction.

Were they not the Uniteam? It has become glaringly obvious that the so-called “unity” was all for convenience to ensure to put themselves in power. As one Bicolano congressman would have it, that’s how Philippine politics is.

Matthew 23:28: “So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”


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