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One Complete Orbit

Once again, the planet earth has completed one orbit around the sun. Yes. That’s one year. Then, the planet will again revolve around the sun for another 365 days, going through cold, regrowth of vegetation, heat and falling of foliage. Although, in our part of the world, we experience wet and dry seasons meshed with sweat and storms in non-delineated sections of that one revolution. That’s just the way it is in the tropics, not that I’m complaining.

Isn’t it fascinating that we celebrate the completion of the Earth’s solar merry-go-round? It’s as if the whole world is one in the accomplishment of the planet of its astronomical duty of finishing its orbit.

We joined the completion of the revolution with celebration in many different ways. It was celebrated with videoke singing and liquor drinking that eventually led to drunkenness. This guy was just passing by when his neighbors, husband and wife invite him to sing the day away with bottles of beer. It’s amazing how a smart phone and a Bluetooth speaker could do. I heard that a videoke rental could go up to a thousand pesos. Another guy set up two of his four Pioneer baffle speakers outside his house (with the other two inside)and notched the volume up to maximum, sending vibrations that shake the parked e-tryke, and the neighboring vendor to beg him to turn the volume down so she could hear if her customers want to buy beer, gin or rum. What did that beer go with? They say they had sumptuous serving of “sawa”. Yes, I mean the snake. They say it tastes like chicken because the reptile mainly eats chicken. I’m not sure if the logic makes sense. The food, drinks and the party were not just for the holidays. They’re also celebrating the neighbor’s friend’s cousin’s uncle’s daughter passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Congratulations to her. There’s another guy who got picked up by his high school batchmates and brought him to Cararayan for several days. His mother got worried that she was thinking of reporting him missing on the police blotter. The guy eventually went home with just enough time to prepare for his flight back to Germany. What did they do in Caramoan in those days? Then, there’s this grandfather who climbs up the rooftop due to his grandson’s insistence that they watch the fireworks from there.

How we wish that the rest of the year could be a whole holiday. Then, would we spend it the way we spent the last holiday? This new year, what’s the best that you could offer? What’s your best that could sell a good price on the market? It could be something that could potentially go internationale. It’s still good if it’s something that’s appreciated on the locale. You and a friend could even pitch in to offer something. Is it singing on the videoke until drunkenness or a time with family watching fireworks?

Have you picked that best that you can give? Now, you’re sure about that? No, I’m not trying to decide for you. That’s yourcall. This year, let’s make that grow. Let’s improve that. Let’s develop that. Let’s make it grow fat so it sells a good price. If you’re offering a skill, let’s hone that. If you’re offering time for party, should we make it wilder? If you’re offering time with family, lets make it more meaningful. This year, let’s give time to what you think is your best, so that it grows better.

This year, let’s share that with the community. Let’s share that with family. Let’s share that with the neighborhood. It would be nice to share the best that you could offer with people whom you share a table, a street, a plaza, a city or a nation with. Share with the purest intentions. Share your success, your accomplishments. What then do you share? Is it a careless getaway time with friends? Is it a selfless time with family? Is it commitment to a chosen profession? Share it then, if you deem it worth sharing.

Astrology, numerology, tarot cards, feng shui or whatever manner of attempt of foretelling what awaits us this year may tell you this and that, but ultimately, they tell you to trust the Almighty. Whatever would happen with the prices of basic commodities? Would a couple of ten peso coins ever be powerful enough to purchase a kilogram of grain of rice? What calamities would come this year? What would come of the conflicts that empires have engaged in? Share the best that you have with the community.

Psalm 90:12: “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”


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