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Overall Most Competitive

I browsed the Internet a bit today. Hey, I found this.

Quezon City has been declared as Overall Most Competitive City in this year’s Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI), an annual ranking of cities and municipalities across the country that builds, maps out and tracks local competitiveness. “Quezon City landed in the top three in four pillars of the CMCI, which include economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, and resiliency.” Following in the ranking are Manila (yes, that city which is led by a presidential candidate.), Pasay, Davao (yes, that city led by a vice presidential candidate.), Muntinlupa, Makati, Cagayan de Oro, Valenzuela, Pasig and Cebu. There you have the top 10. (

There’s also a ranking of most improved cities. “the most improved cities in the CMCI ranking are Mandaue, General Santos and Tacloban, and Baguio and Cebu,.

And here’s something to be proud of. “Naga City topped the ranking among component cities, followed by Antipolo and Tagum.” (,in%20the%20previous%20year’s%20index.)

Those are from articles published December 14, 2021.

And here’s something I dished out from about 5 years ago. Now, this isn’t so long ago.

“Naga was declared as the Overall Most Competitive Component City in the Philippines as it was ranked No. 1 in economic dynamism, No. 1 in government efficiency, and No. 1 in infrastructure.

City Mayor John Bongat, along with City Administrator Jun Mongoso, CEPPIO Chief Allen Reondanga, ACTO Chief Alec Santos, and Clarine Palomares Tobias, former president of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received the award for the city.” This was 2015 or 2016, back in the days when a group of guys wearing face masks would be mistaken for burglars. “Ranked second is San Fernando City, Pampanga; while Imus, Cavite placed third.”

Just in case you’re interested, in the highly urbanized city category, the top 3 then were Manila, Makati and Cebu. (,1%20in%20infrastructure.)

So, this achievement isn’t a “first time”. It has been done before. Congratulations to LGU Naga for doing it again. Of course, it’s not so much of a surprise that our honoured leaders would do a repeat. After all, the people in City Hall back then are pretty much the same people who are the people there now, including the Vice Mayor then, some of the councillors then who are still councillors now, the CEPPIO Chief then, and most of the office heads then are still in office now. It is no wonder that they have done a fantastic job because they have done it before, and could definitely do it again in the future. Once again, congratulations.

Some candidates say that they present themselves to offer an alternative option for voters. Perhaps, the constituents may want to try something new. Well, yeah, that could be a good decision, if you’re choosing for fashion or flavour for French fries. You may want to try something new, other than the generic shirt and pants or the usual cheese or barbecue. (Have you tried bacon and cinnamon? I hear that it’s a favourite in some parts in the US.) But this is a decision for government officials, leaders who would administer and execute services for the people. Some candidates may tag themselves as an unconventional choice with a potential for change, but at the same time, a risky gamble of uncertain efficiency.

Some may consider one as better than the other for achievements supposedly exclusively achieved by one and not by the other. However, those achievements being posted and tagged could very well be reprises of past achievements which are logical recurrences because after all, the team is practically the same team. Let’s pop the champagne for the accomplishment of today. But let’s not overshadow that the previous occupants accomplished pretty much the same feat. If anything, it’s a reappearance of what had been before and not an exclusive exception of today. Wait a minute, weren’t the “previous” guys just you, the “present” guys? So, would that be a snake biting its own tail, if the present guys would say that they’re better than the previous guys because they’re practically the same body after all?

These are interesting times. Truth could be twisted. Truth could be amplified; or truth could be downplayed.

It is interesting, fascinating even, how some people could see the grandeur of magnificent infrastructure constructed of more than 30 years ago, and turn a blind eye to violations that occurred in that same era, committed by the same builders in power then.

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” - 1 John 1:8


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