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Pag-IBIG cites rules on ‘Paeng’ calamity loan

By Sally A. Altea

LEGAZPI City --- Some 150,000 active member of Pag-IBIG Fund in provinces covered by Pag-IBIG Legazpi Branch can avail the calamity loan offered in areas declared by President Marcos Jr. under state of calamity due to Tropical Storm Paeng.

“The calamity loan is offered to all Pag-IBIG Fund members in calamity-stricken areas such as TS Paeng. For the Legazpi Branch, the provinces under us are Albay, Sorsogon, Masbate and Catanduanes,” said Pag-IBIG Legazpi Branch Manager Gina B. Silerio during the Talakayan sa PIA Albay program.

Silerio calls for early filing of applications for faster processing and release, noting that the loan can be released in as fast as three days depending on the volume of applications.

“File your loan applications as soon as possible. Do not wait for the deadline. The earlier the better to avoid volumes of clients inside our office,” she said.

Compared with other institutions, Pag-IBIG Legazpi Marketing Specialist Atty. John Delan Llarena said Pag-IBIG Fund has the lowest interest rate.

Who can apply?

Pag-IBIG members residing or working in areas declared under the state of calamity, with at least 24 monthly contributions and has a proof of income are qualified to avail the calamity loan.

Llarena said inactive Pag-IBIG members or those with no payment within six months before the month of application can still avail the calamity loan but must first pay at least one monthly contribution.

For government employees, the net monthly income must not be less than P5,000.

‘’The residual net income requirement is only true for government workers because under the General Appropriations Act, government employees’ net income should not fall below P5,000.00 upon deduction of other payments such as loan payments,” Llarena said.

Members from the private and informal sectors can submit a declaration of their monthly income as valid proof of income.

Members with existing loans can still apply for calamity loan but the loan payment must be updated.


The following are needed:

• Duly-filled Pag-IBIG Calamity Loan Application Form (Downloadable at

• Latest payslip or other valid proof of income

• Disbursement Card/Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card

• At least 1 valid ID

Loanable amount and payment terms

The maximum loanable amount is up to 80% of the total contributions. Member may opt for lower percentage depending on their needs.

“The loan is payable in three years or 36 months at 5.95% interest rate, with the initial payment to be deducted on the third month after the loan release. Members may also opt to pay their loans in two years,” Silerio said.

How to apply

Applications may be filed onsite or online. To check the total amount of contributions, the virtual Pag-IBIG app may be downloaded.

For onsite filing, bring the needed requirements for processing.

Here’s the link for the online application:

Processing of application is free. (PIA5/Albay)


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