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Pantomina showdown featured in 78th Catandungan fest

By Edna Bagadiong

VIRAC, Catanduanes --- Padayaw sa Tinampo or most commonly called as "Pantomina" showdown took place on Wednesday, Oct. 25 in line with the commemoration of the78th Catandungan Foundation Anniversary.

Nine municipalities which include Virac, San Andres, Gigmoto, San Miguel, Panganiban, Pandan, Bagamanoc, Bato, and Baras joined the showdown as they danced their way through the streets of Virac, starting from Plaza Rizal and made their way to the Provincial Capitol Grounds where they showcased their final performances after the opening program.

Virac was hailed as the champion in this year’s Pantomina Showdown with their donning costumes that incorporated floral designs and bright red highlights. Their take on the courtship dance of the rooster and the hen was also well-applauded.

The contingent from San Andres was adjudged 1st runner-up, while Gigmoto was declared 2nd runner-up and best in the moving choreography category.

Ian Ron Bello, Angela Marie Pacres, Roberto Heneroso Jr., Rodrigo Salando Jr., and Raoul Benchan served as the board of judges.

Pantomina Catanduanes is a courtship and traditional dance performed during street dance competition. Its stylistic movements are patterned after the chase of a rooster for a hen which is typified by a pursuing male suitor and a coy female partner who declines his advances but concludes with the man winning over the woman.

Pantomina has become an integral part of the Catandunganon identity. It is performed in almost any occasions some of which are weddings, family gatherings, community gatherings, among others. It also fosters a sense of community for the people as it encourages participation from different people – reflecting a sense of camaraderie.

According to Catanduanes Tourism Officer Carmel B. Garcia, Pantomina has always been a part of Catandungan Festival and it's yearly staging ensures its preservation and its centrality to the identity of the people of Catanduanes

Catandungan Festival was established in 1995 in time for the anniversary of half a century of its existence as an island-province. It has become a gathering of cultural festivals from all over the province. (PIA5/Catanduanes)


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