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Parishes gather couples for renewal of “I Do” 

By Myrna S. Bermudo

“Grant us O Lord to be one heart and one soul, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”( Nuptial Prayer) 

St. Valentine’s day became an occasion for parishes to invite couples to recite their still “I DO”  marriage vows and recite once again the nuptial prayer  during the mass. 

“A total of 48 spouses  participated in the renewal of vows at Christ the King Parish in Pili, Camarines Sur on February 12, a Sunday. Thirty seven couples participated in the parish church in the three masses and eleven couples in barangay masses,” said Fr. Marc Real, parish priest. “We called it ‘Valentine Sunday’ the Sunday nearest to Valentine’s day. The event wanted to convey that true love exists among spouses and is not limited to sentimental and romantic love during Valentine’s celebration.”

In Mater Salutis  Parish at Cararayan, Naga City, 24 couples joined as the parish conducts the 3rd year of the celebration of Renewal of Marriage Vows on the 12th day of February. Fr. William Santiago, director of Caceres Family Ministry, officiated the mass together with Fr. Roldan Tordilla, parish priest. A dinner date with dancing followed at Asog vineyard and agri resort, whose owner is one of the sponsors.

Fr. Santiago said that the renewal of vows aims “to strengthen their marriage commitment and to renew the culture of sacramental marriage and family life in the community.”

“No perfect Couple, No perfect individual, but there is a perfect Grace from GOD... It is LOVE.., “ is the quote posted in the social media account of St. Joseph Parish in Tamban, Tinambac.

“Congratulations and Happy Valentine’s Day to our 16 married couples who renewed their Marriage Vows this February 12, 2023 during the 6AM and 4PM Mass at Saint Joseph Parish, Tamban Tinambac, Camarines Sur.” 

Married couples gather in front of the church sanctuary of the Christ the King Parish church in Palestina, Pili as Fr. Marc Real blesses them with holy water on the occasion of the renewal of their marriage vows on Valentine Sunday, February 12. (Photo by Mikai de Vera)

“You are indeed a living testimony that despite of the difficulties and struggles present in married life, LOVE still wins. Love Conquers Everything.” 

The parish expressed its gratitude to the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) for rendering a tribute to the couples and also to zone representatives/ cluster leaders for inviting married couples to participate in the church sponsored  event.

For Fr. Ruben Temporal, parish priest, the gathering “gives an opportunity to renew their marriage vows and to celebrate the LOVE of the Lord bestowed on Sacrament of Matrimony among couples.”

“Also, to set an example and to be a living witness that despite of difficulties and struggles present in Marriage life, still LOVE wins.”

“This is also to publicly encourage for the civilly married and those who are in co-habitation to approach the Sacrament of Matrimony.”

Couples were invited to come forward for the renewal of their vows which was done within the Eucharistic celebration after which the parish priest blessed all of them.


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