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PCA to fertilize coconut with salt

By Paulo DS. Papa

Hundreds of coconut farmers in the towns located in the 1st District of Camarines Sur will receive bags of crack salt before the end of January this year as part of the Philippine Coconut Authority’s (PCA) salt fertilization program.

John Villareal, PCA Camarines Sur Office II chief, said that the program aims to rehabilitate coconut trees affected by the series of typhoons that ravaged the coconut trees in the district last year.

He said crack salt immunizes coconut trees and serves as pesticides.

“Pests usually attacks during rainy seasons. The ideal time for fertilizing coconut trees is during the onset of the rainy days” Villareal said.

He said every coconut farmer in towns of Libmanan, Sipocot, Ragay, and Del Gallego will receive four bags of salt this month.

Four bags of salt are enough to fertilize 100 coconut trees, he said.

Villareal said that once coconut trees are fertilized, disease such as coconut nut fall during summer season will be avoided.

More farmers in the same areas will receive bags of crack salt in February this year.


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