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PDEA intensifies brgy anti-illegal drug clearing

By Rosalita B. Manlangit

THE Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has intensified its barangay anti-illegal drug clearing operations in the province of Camarines Norte.

During an interview via Zoom at the “Talakayan sa PIA” cum radio program hosted by ICM Rose Manlangit, held May 10, PDEA Provincial Officer Mark Anthony Viray said that a total of five (5) anti-illegal drug operations were conducted that resulted to the arrest of 9 persons and 11 cases filed in court from January to April this year.

PIA Camarines Norte’s Talakayan sa PIA is aired over DWCN-FM and can be accessed at PIA Camarines Norte Facebook page.

According to Viray, a total of 175.119 grams with estimated street price of more than P1.19 million was confiscated during the said anti-illegal drug clearing operations.

He clarified that during the anti-illegal drug actual operations, they have a mandatory witness like representative from the media, barangay and Provincial Prosecutors Office (PPO). They also served a search warrant during the anti-illegal drug operation.

PDEA Provincial Officer Mark Anthony Viray discusses barangay anti-illegal drug clearing operations during Talakayan sa PIA hosted by ICM Rose Manlangit held May 10.

The PDEA has listed a total of 174 drug cleared barangays out of 282 in the province since the onset of the anti-illegal drug campaign of the government. Of the 174, twenty-two (22) were unaffected barangays while 152 undergone clearing process and later declared as drug -free.

He said that of the 108 remaining barangays to be declared, 50 brgys are set to be declared as illegal drug- cleared this coming month of July.

The agency is also in the process of the declaration of San Lorenzo Ruiz as drug-cleared municipality in the province. This will be added to San Vicente town which was already declared as drug -cleared municipality in 2017. The towns of Basud, Mercedes and Talisay have one barangay each that need to be declared as drug-cleared.

The validation of drug cleared barangays undergoes stringent process while re-validations are being done quarterly to ensure that an area sustained free of illegal substance.

Through its “Barangay PDEA” campaign program, the stakeholders work at the barangay level for its anti-illegal drug clearing campaign.

The PDEA has its “Isumbong mo kay Wilkins”, an advocacy of its agency’s Director General Wilkins Villanueva. It uses facebook platform with posted cellphone numbers 09953547020 for Globe 09310278212 for Smart and Sun.

Viray announced that the province has “Balay Silangan” in all of the 12 municipalities. The said facility served as shelter and training area for the Persons Who Used Drugs (PWUDs).

The “Balay Silangan” extends livelihood training for the reformation the PWUDs in the municipalities which is being managed by the LGUs.

The PDEA being the lead agency of the anti-illegal drugs campaign also partnered with the Philippine National Police (PNP), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Bureau of Customs (BCs), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Provincial Prosecutors Office (PPO) Local Government Units of the province, municipal and barangay and other stakeholders.

The national government through Pres. Rodrigo Duterte supported PDEA by giving them firearms, bullet proof vest andother paraphernalia in the conduct of their anti-illegal drug operations.

“The anti-illegal drug campaign should be a wholistic approach that also need the cooperation both of the stakeholders and the community”, he said.

Viray dreamed and targeted to have a drug free province before elections next year.

He also urged drug users and pushers to stop using illegal drugs and said that the government has programs for their reformation. (PIA5/Camarines Norte)

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