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Peña mum on LRay’s role against admr’s post

By Paulo DS. Papa and Joe Caguimbal

PILI, Camarines Sur--- Former Camarines Sur Vice Governor Fortunato “Ato” Peña has refused to talk about the role of his former boss, 2nd District Rep. LRay Villafuerte, in the rejection by the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Pili of his appointment as municipal administrator.

Peña was appointed as municipal administrator by Pili Mayor Tomas Bongalonta. His appointment was submitted to the SB for concurrence on Jan. 25 but during the voting, seven councilors who are known Villafuerte supporters voted no, two were absent, while only one voted in favor of Pena’s appointment.

Political observers believed Pena’s patron, former governor and now congressman Villafuerte was behind the SB’s non-concurrence of Pena’s appointment as municipal administrator.

Bongalonta, a political enemy of the Villafuertes, reportedly offered Peña the position of municipal administrator to help the local chief executive in running the affairs of the capital town.

Sources said Pena’s appointment as municipal administrator is in preparation for his plan to run as Bongalonta’s vice mayor in the 2022 local elections.

In reaction to the non-concurrence of the SB on his appointment, Pena said “I will not beg for that position,” according to Areglado News,

“Kung natiwalaan ngani ako sa DILG, tanu dai ako tiwalaan sa Pili,” he said.

Pena said he understands why the majority of councilors voted against his appointment. It’s because of political differences and they are just following the order of their boss, he said.

“While there is an opportunity, let us do good unto all men,” Pena said.

Meanwhile, Bongalonta said he will no longer reappoint Pena, because for him, the former vice governor will remain as his municipal administrator.

Pena confirmed to Bicol Mail that he is now working as a contractual employee under the Pili mayor’s office.


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