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Peñafrancia 2023 General Theme

Our Lady of Peñafrancia’s image, fondly called INA (Mother) by Bicolanos, is permanently enshrined in the Minor Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Peñafrancia in Naga City, Camarines Sur. (Photo credit: Peñafrancia Basilica)

In order for us to better understand and reflect during this year’s celebration of the Feast of the Divino Rostro and the Solemnity of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, the Archdiocese of Caceres revised the General Theme which was released in June. As such, all of us devotees and pilgrims are now called to prayerfully meditate on the theme “Journeying with Inâ in deepening our relationship with God in these Challenging Times” (“Naglalakbay kaiba ni Inâ sa pagpapusog kan satong relacion sa Diós sa mga agyat kan panahon”).

In doing so, we remind everyone that “as devotees, we must not forget that the Peñafrancia Fiesta is a religious activity. A pilgrim must have a sacred experience during the celebration. Such experience must be similar to the experiences when one goes to a pilgrimage. [The] Peñafrancia Fiesta is not a town or a barrio fiesta. It is not a carnival or a mardi gras. It is not about street dances, variety shows and talent competition. Also, it is not a mere vacation.” (From page 57 of ‘Top 30 Questions: Caring for our Over 300 Year-Old Devotion’ by +Archbishop Leonardo Legaspi, OP, DD)

Viva la Virgen!

Viva el Divino Rostro!

(Archdiocese of Caceres FB page)


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