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Pioneering Pili Milk: A breakthrough

By Rhaydz B. Barcia

Sorsogon City --- The Department of Agriculture in Bicol introduced the first pili milk product in the country at SM City Sorsogon, adding to the array of pili-based offerings, from candies to beauty and pharmaceutical items. Pili, scientifically known as Canarium Ovatum, is renowned for its diverse uses. Lovella P. Guarin, DA regional spokesperson, highlighted the successful development of plant-based pili milk by the Department of Agriculture Sorsogon Dairy Production and Technology Center (SDPTC), led by Perdo Oliver, after two years of meticulous research.

Guarin emphasized that the Pili milk launch aligns with the Sorsogon Provincial Pili Development Board's vision to establish the province as the Pili Capital of the country. The study, funded with over P1 million by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), started in March 2022 under the leadership of project leader Agnes Espinola, who retired last year.

Pili nuts, abundant in monounsaturated fats, offer a beneficial form of fat that aids in reducing bad cholesterol, preventing artery plaque buildup. Guarin underscored the significance of Pili milk as the country's first plant-based alternative, emphasizing its safety compared to animal-based milk.

The launch, attended by Dr. Junel B. Soriano, director of DA–Bureau of Agricultural Research, celebrated the researchers' efforts. Dr. Soriano praised the plant-based milk alternative's richness in vitamin E and magnesium, contributing to bone and muscle development.

Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, President of Sorsogon State University and chairperson of the Sorsogon Provincial Pili Development Board, expressed gratitude for the innovative product and pledged support for its commercialization. Mayor Ester E. Hamor echoed this support, envisioning Pili milk as a comparable option to almond milk.

The initial 100 ml bottle of Pili milk, distributed for sensory evaluation, marked the launch. Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, regional technical director for research and regulations, highlighted the advantages of pili as a source of milk, unaffected by the limitations associated with dairy animals.

The launch, attended by farmers' cooperatives and associations, showcased potential adopters of pili milk technology, including Barcelona Development Coop., Sorsogon City Fruits and Vegetable Farmers Association, Pili Processors Association of Sorsogon, and San Roque Eco Farmers Association. These stakeholders expressed interest in commercializing the pili milk technology, suggesting improvements for enhanced viability and profitability.


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