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PISTTON assures public no strike for tricycles

By Mark A. Gomez

The general manager (GM) of the PISTTON Transport and Multipurpose Development Cooperative based in Naga City said that their members will not launch any form of transport strike despite the continued increase in the prices of petroleum products.

Dominngo Forlaje, PISTTON GM, said their group does not participate in transport strike because they believe the protest activity will not bring positive result.

He said the government is not to blame for the series of fuel price increases as the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the main reason for the rising cost of petroleum products.

Forlaje said that there are more peaceful means to express their sentiments to the government. Meeting and dialogue with concerned government agencies are better ways to address the problem, he said.

He said the current fare of P15 per tricycle passenger to compensate for the increase in gasoline prices.

The government should also suspend the imposition of excise tax to lower gas prices. This will help thousands of drivers of tricycles, jeepneys and buses in the country, Forlaje stressed.

He also said that not all public transport drivers receive the government fuel subsidy and only those who have connections benefit from it.

PISTTON lowered the “boundary” of its tricycle units from P 500 to

P 300/day as a gesture of compassion for its members amidst the prevailing economic difficulties.


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