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Plant to supply potable water to CamSur’s coastal areas

NAGA CITY --- The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Bicol and the local government unit of Balatan inaugurated the newly-established water desalination facility on Friday, December 2.

This will aid in wider distribution of drinkable water to 17 barangays in the said town.

In his speech, DOST Bicol Regional Director Rommel Serrano said that this project is a result of the Community Empowerment through Science and Technology program.

This is also included among water safety priorities in Bicol after a series of conducted technology needs assessments, said the regional director.

Engineer Ernesto Reyes Jr., Science Research Specialist of DOST Camarines Sur said since Balatan is a 4th class municipality and relatively a far-flung area with unstable source of potable water, people could not drink from the water line due to its taste which contained highly-concentrated chlorine.

Reyes said that the new facility will utilize the so-called reverse osmosis membrane technology that converts seawater to potable water.

“This facility can produce up to 10 cubic meters of clean water per day which can supply to 500 households per day in the municipality,” he said.

Soon, this filtered water will be distributed in gallons and would be delivered to remote barangays in cheaper price that even indigent families can afford. This will ensure security in their drinking water consumption.

DOST Cam Sur Provincial Director Patrocinio Felizmenio also said that the process of osmosis will not give negative effects in human health as it will only remove salt from the water to make it drinkable.

“Aside from desalination, we also purify the water so it be clean for the consumption of the community. There are no other chemicals added on it so it is safe to drink,” the provincial director added.

Balatan Mayor Nena Bagasbas expressed her gratitude to the support given by the DOST and said that their dedication will be rewarded accordingly. “I hope that we will take care of this project. We have more plans being undertaken for the development of our town,” Bagasbas said. (PIA5/Camarines Sur)


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