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PNP cites gains vs loose firearms drive

By Mar S. Arguelles

The campaign against loose firearms in Bicol has gained traction after police authorities recovered some 1,299 undocumented firearms for the past three quarters of this year in various police operations, the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bicol said on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

PNP records indicate that for the period January to October this year, police crack teams serving court-issued search and arrest warrants, police checkpoints, and police visibility operations have recovered 1,299 undocumented firearms mostly handguns, according to Major Maria Calubaquib, the Bicol police spokesperson.

The gun campaign has led to the arrest of 504 persons, 10 of whom are government employees, an Army soldier, a policeman, and 492 civilians. Out of this, some 264 cases against the gun holders were filed in court.

The data indicated that the confiscation of 1,299 firearms was 33 percent higher than the 431 firearms seized in last year’s operations.


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