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PNP takes proactive measures vs VAWC

VIOLENCE against women and children (VAWC) is one of the most serious problems affecting women and children. The prevalence of such violence takes a great toll on the lives of the victims and to the society as a whole.

Based on the report of the PNP Regional Women’s and Children Protection Desk in the Bicol region, a total of 2, 512 incidents that victimized women and children were recorded for year 2020. These include 737 VAWC cases such as physical; psychological; economic; and sexual abuse while 659 rape cases have been noted.

On the recorded rape incidents, 313 were solved; 341 were cleared while 5 are still under investigation. Meanwhile, on the VAWC cases 187 were cleared; 545 were solved while 5 are still under investigation.

For January and February this year, PNP Bicol reported a total of 82 incidents involving women and children.

Considered as a pervasive social problem, the PNP used and implemented various proactive measures to prevent VAWC most especially during this pandemic. It had maximized the use of social media for posting and sharing of gender sensitive and child-friendly information on Covid-19-related risks and protection, including prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. Along with this, it had also swiftly responded to complaints of abuses in order to provide assistance to the victims and survivors.

Strictly adhering on the right to privacy, the PNP also observed the rule of confidentiality ensuring that information is kept in private and are only use in the investigation of the case.

Other initiatives being undertaken are information drive; dialogues; inter-agency coordination; trainings and seminars of WCPD personnel to equipped them in handling VAWC cases.

On top of this, it had also pursued its advocacy to continuously empower women to prevent them from being victims of abuse, maltreatment and discrimination, which is reflective to the activities under the Police Regional Office’s month-long Women’s Month Celebration. This year’s celebration focuses on bringing change and lifting women in becoming more effective partners in attaining peace and progress.

PNP Bicol chief BGen. Bartolome Bustamante said the police in the region is firmly committed to continue what it had started for the realization for a crime free-community.


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