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PNR resumes Legazpi-Naga operations after 6-year hiatus

By Rhaydz B. Barcia

TRAIN services in Legazpi have resumed after a six-year hiatus, marking a significant milestone for the region’s transportation.

Dethan Dario, PNR information officer, said that The Philippine National Railways (PNR) recommenced its Naga-Legazpi-Naga route, with the maiden trip that departed from Legazpi City to Naga City at 5:45 AM yesterday, December 27.

This timely reopening, just ahead of New Year’s Day, aims to facilitate smoother travel for commuters in Bicol, covering a distance of 101 kilometers in approximately 3 hours and 4 minutes with four daily trips.

The resumption follows extensive efforts to restore tracks affected by typhoons and clear vegetation, obstructions, and dangling wires.

The PNR diesel-powered trains, accommodated around 250 passengers, made 16 stops, offered fares ranging from ₱15 for the shortest distance to ₱155 for end-to-end travel.

Notably, students, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities are eligible for a 20-percent fare discount.

The daily schedule includes morning and afternoon trips between Legazpi and Naga, providing commuters with convenient options.

The stations on this route encompass key locations such as Naga, Pili, Iriga, Polangui, Ligao, Travesia, Daraga, and Legazpi, with additional flag stops at Baao, Lourdes, Bato, Matacon, Oas, Bagtang, Washington Drive, and Capantawan in Legazpi City.

This revival of the PNR mode of transportation, a historical backbone in Bicol, signifies a renewed era in regional connectivity and economic development.


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