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Policies without Policing

I woke up early today; earlier than usual. I woke up early like a kid who’s excited to go to the beach or to a big Christmas party. I’m not a senior citizen. I don’t have any sort of comorbidity, so I know I won’t be accommodated as priority. My plan was to be there at the time when one of the people on the priority list to withdraw, or one of their names be called and no one answers, I would be volunteering my bare arm as a willing recipient of that shot. When I got to the circus… or the coliseum, I didn’t realize that my plan would not work as easy as I thought it could. It turns out that there were misunderstanding or misinterpretations with the announcements. I don’t know in which part of the chain it went wrong. I couldn’t tell where any of the lines begin and end. I was told that there were quite a large number of “applicants” who wanted to “walk in” for the vaccine standing by around that place. Apparently, my bright idea was not unique to me. If I did not have work to do, I might have joined their ranks; but standing/sitting on a what they call a line in the heat and humidity throughout the day, hoping to get a shot, would be a waste of time in my personal circumstances. So, to my disappointment, I decided to let it go and wait for agreeable situations. Oh man, I was actually looking forward to get my first dose that day. Did I mention that the place was full packed? I’m happy that a large number of people lined up to get vaccinated which says much about their support for the program. But let us not forget that social distance is among the health protocols, and the virus spreads in mass gatherings with close contact.

A week ago, before I could relieve my itching scalp with a much needed haircut, I sent a message through Messenger to my barber, if I could avail of his services. Oh, you may be asking, why bother asking? He’s a barber. Why not just go directly to his barbershop to get the haircut. Isn’t that how it goes? Well, yes. In normal circumstances, that’s how it goes. In GCQ and MGCQ circumstances, that’s how it goes. But in utmost respect to MECQ, in aspiration of the healing of the land, I am well aware that spas, parlors/salons, barbershops and yes, even diners should be closed for the sake of cutting the chain of infection, and hoping ever so earnestly that the trend of increasing cases can be pulled down. But interestingly, Fred whom I have trusted with my coiffeur since he was at Hair Force One, replied that the shop was open and I could just go there as usual. What the…? Aren’t his shop supposed to be…? I was expecting that Fred and I would meet in an unsuspected dark alley like characters exchanging illegal contraband, but we were in broad daylight. Well, I won’t protest if I can profit. I was on the barber’s chair days later, doing away with that unwanted hair. Someone told me that it wasn’t just Fred’s shop that continued operation. So did spas, parlors, facial centers and even restaurants were open for dine-in clients. What is happening here?

I remember that it was indicated in the executive order that business establishments like this should be closed, and so should diners for dine-in services. I’m not calling for them all to close down, but is not the law… the law? Fred told me that they were told to maintain a 30% capacity. Well, 30 is a far jump from 0. I mean no insult to intelligence, but have we clarified how to count to 30%? Someone told me that Fred’s place wasn’t the only one open. So were similar shops all around the city. Well, so much for the restrictions. You could not blame them. A worker has to earn his keep. Fred says that the policies were just posted, but no policing is being performed to check for compliance. They were just told what not to do and then they were left to their devices. He further adds that it confuses him, but it works to their advantage. He raised a valid point there. I could not disagree.

Now, as memoranda are marred with misinterpretations and policies are not policed, active cases maintain a steady to steep elevated level. How many cases do we have today?

“But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.” -1 Corinthians 11:19


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