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Prices of quarry resources in Albay down; outside province, for export hiked

By Cet Dematera

LEGAZPI CITY---Prices of sand, gravel, boulder and other resources being quarried around Mayon Volcano and in other mining sites in Albay were reduced if it would be used within the province, and increased, when delivered outside the province or exported to other countries.

Quarrying of sand, gravel, boulders, earth, and other resources around Mayon Volcano is a multi-million to billion peso industry. These materials are being dubbed as “black gold” in the construction and mining industries.

Based on Executive Order No. 29, series of 2022 signed by Albay Gov. Noel Rosal, the new price of sand is P250 a cubic meter when to be used inside the province; P500/cubic meter when sent outside the province; and, P700/cubic meter if for export.

Prior to the issuance of the EO No. 29, the price per cubic meter of sand was P500 regardless of its destination.

The new fair market value (FMV) of the quarry resources has been issued so that residents of Albay could benefit from cheaper prices as the materials are sourced from the province.

“Albayanos must benefit from these resources because these are quarried in our province. And we are also sharing these first class aggregates by allowing their shipping outside the province, and even their export abroad,” Rosal said in several media interviews here.

Rosal also issued Executive Order No. 30 series of 2022 that fixed the delivery rates of these quarried resources.

Section 1 of EO No. 30 states that, “the delivery rates for ordinary stones, sand, gravel, earth and other quarry resources in the Province of Albay for the first five kilometres shall be fixed” as enumerated in the same order.

Rosal said that the delivery rate for a cubic meter of sand is P400, while that of gravel is P550. For every kilometer in excess of the first five kilometers would be fixed at P10.

He said that the new prices and delivery rates were issued in response to the need to regulate the unfair competition among quarry operators.

Hundreds of small pickers of quarry sand, gravel and boulders around Mayon Volcano would no longer be charged with any fees as long as they could comply with the allowed volume of these aggregates in their every haul, Rosal said.

Upon assumption of office in July, Rosal immediately ordered the suspension of all quarry operations in Albay that do not possess the necessary permits and clearances issued by different concerned government agencies.

To date, only around 36 operators had so far complied with the requirements out of an estimated 200 quarry operators in Albay.

Rosal said that he is immediately ordering the resumption of operations by those who were able to submit all the required permits and clearances.

Resources quarried around Mayon Volcano are classified as first class in the construction industry, according to engineers and construction companies.


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