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Project KKK: Unity and excitement abound as4th and 5th day of training inspire attendees

By Nicol De Jesus

SAN FERNANDO --- This past weekend, March 11 and 12, 2023, marked the 4th and 5th days of Project KKK (Kabutehan para sa Kabuhayan at Kalusugan), a six-day training program in Gawad Kalinga Abanggayon Village, San Fernando.

The training workshop provided talks to attendees on food processing, plant-based whole food meal preparation, and lifestyle medicine. The first part of day four featured talks from Wilbina Barnedo, an agriculture technician from the Department of Agriculture in Bicol, and Peter Oliver, the OIC Superintendent and Regional Focal Point Person for the mushroom project in Bicol, who discussed the status of the mushroom industry in the region.

During the second part of day four, Ms. Wilbina held a demonstration on how to prepare pickled mushrooms, mushroom patties, mushroom empanadas, and mushroom chicharon, emphasizing the importance of sanitation in making food products.

Day five featured Nancy Obias and Jose Arnel Obias, founders of Green Earth Café Philippines, giving a lecture on plant-based whole food meal preparation using oyster mushrooms, giving information on lifestyle medicine, and introducing NEWSTART, an 8-point lifestyle program. They also spoke about the importance of avoiding cholesterol, fats, and calcium, as these are often linked to many cardiovascular diseases, and highlighted mushrooms as a "super fruit" that is high in nutrients.

The demonstration on preparing mushroom-based food products during the first part of day four was an excellent way to showcase the versatility of mushrooms as a food ingredient while the lecture on plant-based whole food meal preparation using oyster mushrooms on day five provided valuable information on healthy eating and the benefits of incorporating mushrooms into one's diet.

Attendees for the Project KKK included volunteers from JCI Naga, JCI Nagueña, Isarog Masonic Lodge No. 33 F&AM, UNC Institutionalized Community Extension Services, Gawad Kalinga Camsur and JJC Naga The seminar met with great success and gave attendees an insight into a range of topics relating to the local industry, mental and physical health, and business in the community. With variations of Project KKK continuing to strive in the area, more generations of locals are sure to benefit from the impactful talks.

Next week, the 6-day training will end with an exciting cook-off between the participants, integrating all the skills, knowledge, and experience they have learned from the entire program.

With the inspiring message of solidarity in the Bicol region, the Project KKK stands firm in promoting the unity of all its attendees and encouraging them to continue learning something new every day.


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