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QDynamics extends healing products to Bicolanos

The QDynamics Global Corp., has extended its healing products Quantumin Plus to more people in the Bicol region who suffer from various illnesses.

Quantumin Plus, a food supplement, gained its fame worldwide after the healing of thousands of people who suffered from deadly diseases such as cancer and even skin diseases like leprosy.

The product was formulated by Dra. Delia Maceda, a toxicologist in Manila, who aims to provide Filipinos an effective choice to recover from illnesses that caused their lives to be miserable.

The product is approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and certified by Halal Certification Services. Thus, Quantumin is applicable for everyone.

In the town of San Fernando, Camarines Sur, Victoria Sebulo, a cancer survivor of Barangay Alianza, said that she is physically stronger since she started using the product.

She said she suffered from breast cancer. After her biopsy, her breasts have swollen and her doctor recommended immediate operation.

“After the operation, I never used any synthetic drugs but Quantumin. In just a weak I was recharged and became strong and healthy again” she said.

Quantumin Plus also provides livelihood especially to Bicolanos who were displaced by the pandemic.

Richard Magdato, a dealer of Quantumin Plus, confirmed that in addition to livelihood, the Quantumin business is lucrative due to many people in the region who patronized the product.

Magdato said that when he engaged in Quantumin health business, his income greatly improved.

He narrated that his son, who was suffering from hydrocephalus was healed after taking Quantumin.

He said because of the miraculous healing of his son, he started the business as a thanksgiving to Dr. Maceda.

Magdato is spending thousands of pesos in advertisements in various radio stations in the region to introduce the healing properties of product.

Quantumin Plus consists of volcanic ashes from Mayon Volcano and minerals that energizes the body; boosts immune system; detoxifies internal organs, especially blood; and magnetizes substances (like lipids, among others) out of the body so organs can function well.


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