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RB Guinobatan launches Asenso Mobile app with Globe myBusiness

THIS pandemic has brought some of the most efficient, if not best, out of our virtual experiences. Everywhere we look, there is always someone on their phone -- be it about simply talking to a friend, purchasing an item, or handling a business transaction. It is now much easier to make things happen with a click or tap on a screen, avoiding not just the challenges of physical and quarantine transactions but also the threat of the deadly coronavirus.

Banking, a vital part of people’s lives and in society as a whole, has also made innovations. Banks like the Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc. (RBGI) have ventured into building mobile apps to help their clients have a faster and more convenient experience. With Globe myBusiness Sponsored Access API, RBGI has launched their mobile banking app called the Asenso Mobile App.

Future-Proofing the Banking Experience

Launched last Feb. 22 and available to download on the Google Play Store, the Asenso Mobile App allows both new and existing clients to have access to RBGI’s bank accounts and facilitate transactions online. This includes but not limited to bank transfers, online purchases, remittances, insurances, and even buying load credits.

“Financial inclusion and digitalization are mutually inclusive,” said Paulo Honrado, the President of RBGI, reinforcing the idea that their switch to digital is imperative for the efficient delivery and implementation of their services.

RBGI aims to bring a seamless banking experience to all its customers. Because the pandemic has expedited their plans to go digital, RBGI needed a trusted partner to help them further develop their digitization efforts, including the Asenso Mobile App. Choosing Globe myBusiness, they are able to increase Asenso’s accessibility through Sponsored Access API.

Increasing Accessibility with Sponsored Access API

Using the Asenso Mobile App is free to all Globe/TM subscribers. That’s one capability of this Globe myBusiness solutions tool –offering free data usage to users of the app for increased customer engagement and maximum accessibility to their services.

Further, Sponsored Access API provides benefits not only to the clients but also to the banks themselves, being able to serve more customers beyond the confines of their office premises as more clients use the mobile banking app even without mobile data. Other banks and financial institutions looking to do the same can avail of this product through the Globe Labs API, in which they can start building an app and establish other useful features.

With the hassle-free and easy-to-use Asenso Mobile App, clients of RBGI are served better and faster, ensuring that this newly added system helps elevate financial inclusivity even at the barangay level. RBGI’s goal of “abot-kamay na ang pag-asenso” is guaranteed. It empowers people to use technologies and online experiences that are right at their fingertips, to progress their personal and business needs. Because of Globe myBusiness, SMEs like RBGI have a partner that helps build their business better and stronger.

Want to know more about Globe myBusiness Sponsored Access API, and how you can increase usage of your app? Visit to sign up for a free consultation.


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