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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Destiny” (Published on November 26, 2020):

• Manny Ilao

“The Senate has finally approved the 2021 Duterte budget which will make the accumulated deficit to over 5.5 trillion since 2016. According to DBM by the end of Duterte’s term, the accumulated deficit would be over 7.1 trillion. I’m seeing red.

• Antonio Doblon

“VP post is the stepping stone towards Presidency. The prepositioning gestures for the post gives VP Leni’s opponents ample time to device smear campaigns now propagated by paid trolls. Many times did Duterte betrayed VP Leni for infamous reasons. The VP was stripped of cabinet position she is legally entitled to lead. Her shortlived appointment in the ICAD is a manifestation of political jealousy. Duterte’s angst every presscon lambasting dissenters if his administration is a minus factor for a stateman. Duterte’s promise of ending drug menace in six months was proven to be a bluff including his promise of corrupt-free bureaucracy. Duterte speaks so loudly but pondering citizens can’t comprehend what he says. His statesments are only words, and words lacking in actions, will take him out in His efficacy as President. Proven to be omnipresent in times of calamities and distress, VP Leni shines as the best material for 2022 Presidency!.”

• By Sandie Verdadero

The president and other elective officials have fixed terms, Wha is up? Why the rush? Why utter verbal abuse against another elective official based on misinformation? In time like this, Covid-19, three Typhoons ravaged the nation, NO time for tirades, accusing finger, feeling of political insecurities. Service with sincerity to the affected victims by giving all out aid that is due to them because it is Juan de la Cruz taxpayer money. Elective officials should do their job well before expiration of their terms in office. Next presidential election will be expensive, bloodier. The administration have everything to win, money, power, influence, etc. The opposition should braced themselves against all odds, Thy lacked the machinery, logistics, etc. But if Ladyluck is with them, VP Leni is DESTINED to be the first Bicolano and next President of the land.

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