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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Name Quarry Operators” (Published on February 11, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon

“The TFSK should seek deputization from DENR since natural resources extraction is under DENR look out. TFSK should show to the people if they have permit to carry fire arms and court should clarify if TFSK have the power to seize and impound dump trucks and quarry excavators and equipment. It seems that TFSK is just a private army of goons and AWOLS to monopolize provincial quarry operations to supply Earth fills for contractors the provincial leaders hiddenly manage. Where is the supposed bias for general welfare? It is greed and bullyings reigning in the province. No real good governance here is apprehensible. Quo Vadis Camarines Sur?”

• Ildefonso Celocelo

“The question is no longer what this tf is protecting, but, who.”

• Erma Abina Zielke

“ Ildefonso Celocelo i think we all know who they‘re protecting..many are just deaf,blind and mute for personal interest..lalo pa ata lumalala..ito ba na quarrying ang dahilan na madalas pag baha? ..wala na ata pag asa na mabago ang sistema ng gov‘t sa atin. seguro may maimbento gamot sa cancer pero never sa corruption masakit pa kinukunsinti ng mga botante. Pag panahon ng election nakikita lang pera or madali madala ng pangako .. look at those who are in the govt? sad”

• Ramon Olano Jr.

“HENRY V. BRIGUERA. Good question: “can they reveal the names of those involved in the never-ending quarrying in the so called Pecuaria hills, which is very noticeable along the national road within Lanipga,Bula”? the “Chocolate Hills” of Bula has been defaced and nary a squeak can we hear from the officials of the town of Bula.”

Ini an totoo. On “Saro Sararo” (Published on February 11, 2021):

• Mar Verona

“May I just add that Sarong Banggi has already evolved into a non exclusive bicolano organization having accepted numerous non bicolano college students coming from different colleges and universities in metro manila and uplb sarong banggi during the early eighties. Thanks Mn Ernie V for walking us through down memory lane. Mabuhay Sarong Banggi.!”.

• Arturo Rontas Villamor

“Sa roster kan miembros kadakol na mga abogados ang iba mga prosecutors may naging huwes, doctors saka nurses na mga frontliners ngonyan against covid19 bako lang sa pilipinas kundi pati sa luwas kan nacion, manlain lain na na mga enginyero, kadakol agriculturano/s na yaon sa manlain lain na opisina kan gobyerno (DA, NEDA DENR, DAR, DOST, CDA, NFA, NIA,PCA, etc..) , mga development banks (LBP, DBP etc) asin ibang development agencies, multinational corporations na inbuelto sa manlaen laen na industria arog kan abono, animal health, animal feeds, farm chemicals or crop protection products, , farm machineries etc.., ang iba mga farm managers kan mga darakulang poultry and livesrock farms, mga university and college professors and science researchers, mga maestro sa elemntarya saka jr and sr high schools, maski sa religious congregations may mieyembros ang SB...kadakol man na mga parasurat sa print media, mga nasa pribadong companya arog kan mga airlines, insurance, banko, mga OFWs, etc... ... as students kadakol na SB ang mga naging recipeints ning mga local and national scholarships ang iba naging international scholars pa para mag adal sa luwas kan pilipinas arog sa asia, america saka europa para magpakadalubhasa para makatapos ning phd asin post phd degrees...ngonyan mga scientipiko na saka mga inventors na....pag abot sa political na pagtubod neutral ang organization sa personal na pagtubod kan mga miyembros...may nasa extreme left, may nasa left of the center, may mga nasa too saka ang kagulpihan nasa tahaw....may mga die hard Trump followers may mga bilibon man ki Biden... siring man may mga Dilawan may mga PDUTs die hard man....yan ang mga SBs iba iba ang personal na pagtubod pag abot sa politica pero nagkasararo para sa karahayan kan kada miyembro saka kan mahal tang bikolandia.... “MABUHAY ANG SARONG BANGGI””

• Ma Salome Codillo

“Thank you Manong Ernie sa magayonon mong kwento...nalinawan ang isip ng dakul na miembro...mas lalo ming papadangaton ang SB ...sagkod nuarin pa man dai ko malilingawan..I love SB!!!”

• Romeo Escobedo San Buenaventura

SA PAGKASARARO, MAY KUSOG! Salamat tabi Hermano Ernie Verdarero sa malinaw na historia kan pagkamukna asin ang paglakop, pagdakula, kan SARONG BANGGI.


• Sandie Verdadero

-Myself and the majority of thinking parents are ANXIOUS about the uncertainty of the outcome of this new education curriculum. This will ADD burden in this time and money. The two-year extension at the secondary level is time-consuming years and expensive especially for the poorest parent. What KIND of job AWAIT SHS graduates? We are not an INDUSTRIALIZED country like Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, to name a few. We are LACKING in FACTORIES, Corporate manufacturers, especially in our Bicol Region. These are located in CALABARZON areas. SHS graduates will find it hard to land a job in a gov’t office. Even a casual employee in a gov’t office requires a four-year college course graduate. The most SHS graduate can apply is a utility aide, driver, janitor. A college graduate must be eligible and has a “putting kabayo” to be I gov’t office. What more if you are only an SHS graduate? According to an educational survey, most of the shs graduates will still continue to college. The gov’t SHOULD have made K-12 OPTIONAL not mandatory.

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