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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Forsaken” (Published on February 25, 2021):

• Ramon Olano Jr:

“The wretched condition of our court buildings only shows the low regard of our government for this very important function, to dispense swift and impartial justice to the citizenry.”

• Ernie Verdadero:

“CanSur Capitol has also encroached on Maycatmon and San Antonio Milaor”


Sandie Verdadero

Too much Bruhaha about the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, Gov’t. propaganda on this vaccine that it is the BEST VACCINE Available. Balooney!!! This is a fallacious argument/Statement. They blindly know that Sinovac has LOW QUALITY EFFICACY as WHO experts concluded. Just sinovac vaccines ARE AVAILABLE Now, they are the best vaccines? Majority of the Filipinos are not born yesterday!!! The gov’t. is exerting unsolicited pressure especially on gov’t. hospitals and its staff. Gov’t. high officials are PRESENCE in the vaccination being done in these gov’t. hospitals, to make sure the Sinovac vaccines are used. Some of the gov’t. hospitals head and employees SUCCUMED to the pressure of the presence of such officials. The gov’t. must SHOW RESPECT to those gov’t. health workers who don’t want to be vaccinated by these substandard Chinese vaccine. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. No one can pressure or dictate us. HYPOCRISY is the name of the game China is doing, Landgrabbing and Poaching in our West Philippine Sea at the same time donating Sinovac vaccines, China is INDEED A FRIEND!!! HA! HA! HA! IYO BOY


*Sandie Verdadero

The election is just around the corner. We will vote for National and Local officials in May 2022. How about upgrading the present qualifications of a voter particularly on the education aspect. I propose that a voter should be a college graduate so that he/she can fully comprehend what he/she has read and written on the ballot of a particular candidate. A college graduate voter can intelligently SCRUTINIZE the standing of a candidate e.g background tract record. I am not BIASED or PREJUDICED, against masses voting in ignorance but it’s REALITY! A less educated voter just votes for a candidate who is POPULAR but also less educated, resulting in a non-performing elected official. Qualifications for Candidate for President, VP, Senators must be a lawyer, or Ph.D., MBA graduate. From congressman down to municipal/city councilor, must be college graduate. My proposal is not discriminatory but wisely, practical, inexpensive, fastest canvassing since selected intelligent voters only will vote. Highly qualified voter and candidate equal intelligent vote.


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