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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ A ticking bomb” (Published on March 11, 2021):

• Ramon Olano Jr.:

“There are criminal elements in these govt agencies. It is common knowledge these elements declare seized illegal drugs at less quantity and value so they can make money out of the “undeclared” drugs.”

• Rommel R. Alanis

“I Suspect that PNP is again the Culprits, Otherwise they Should have Stopped Immediately their Shootings to a Halt when PDEA Agents Shouted to them But the Demons Continued their Indulgent Shootings!!! In every Crime, PNP is Always a Sus…

There are Lots & Lots of Rotten Elements in PNP Like a Cancer of the Liver that is Almost Beyond BlahBlahBlah!!!HaHaHa.

I Can Also Put the Blame on my Idol President Digoy Duterte for being an Indulgent ‘Father’ to the Likes of PNP Chief Debold Sinas for Being Cowardly & not Kick the Ass of the Devil for Violating the Health Protocol even @ the Height of Total Lock Down!!!Kicking the Ass of Da-Bold won’t Jeopardized PNPs Loyalty on the Ma’nuy Digoy???..HaHaHa Why Should I Fear the PNP & the AFP when I’m Already on the Finished Line of My Life???..They Better Straighten-up their Rotten Asses if i’m the President!!!”

• Rody Casillan:

“I remember once the story about bank robbery, when investigators came, the bank manager in cahoots with his staff would declare in doubles the loot taken by the robbers. In short, by partaking of the spoils, the bank employees have indirectly become conspirators themselves, and worse than the criminals..”

On “Lap Dog Gratitude” (Published on March 04, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon:

“Even the gratefulness of the greedy can’t be trusted!”

• Manny Ilao:

“Tama yan Sir. Ang bakuna bakong bayad sa hinabon satuya. Ang saro pa iyang bagang virus nagpuon sainda.Garo baga pigluto kita sa sadiring taba”

*Sandie Verdadero

Sir Editor, you are absolutely right that we are known for our deep sense of gratitude. China donation of substandard Sinovac vaccines are too meager in exchange for its illegal occupancy of the West Philippine Sea. We won a landmark international Arbitral ruling in the WPS but Du30 set it aside in exchange for loans and other financial aids from Beijing. China grant of P3.750 billion aid and these Sinovac vaccines WILL NOT forced us to act like MENDICANT. China has STOLEN and RUINED trillion of our marine life to date. POACHING and REEF DISTRACTION directly affect the livelihood of our fishing countrymen. The fish catch has DWINDLED while China has MULTIPLIED, aside from its Coast Guard law allowing to FIRE at foreign ships passing thru Chinese-claimed waters including WPS waters within our 370-kilometer EXCLUSIVE economic zone. China’s vaccines CANNOT COMPENSATE for its GRABBING of WPS. Du30 keep on saying that China is a FRIEND!!! What kind of friend who is a bully, territory grabber, poacher, reef distructor. NO LAPDOG GRATITUDE TO CHINA!!!

Ini an totoo. On “Matapo asin halipot an sinublian na buhay ” (Published on March 11, 2021):

• Gem Garcia:

“An Kaglalang po may manlaiin-lain na obheto kun tano Kta ibinubuntog sa mga sitwasyon na mapaparani kita saiya.Pusog na pag- arang na sana an makakasalbar sa lambang tawo.Magkasararo an mabulong sa pandemyang presenteng naeeksperyensya kan bilog na kinaban.Magkaburugkos,magkasararo,sarong Disiplina sumunod ‘sa ipinaootob,Gabos na hihimukaton malalampasan ta. 2gether WE HEAL as 1.Nasa kamot kan tawo an ikakaumay kan kagabsan.”

• Ramon Olano jr.:

“Makamundo talaga na an pandemya, binaliktad nanggad an buhay-buhay ta maski igdi sa probinsya. Alagad, maski siring dai kita mawa’ran nin gana sa biuhay. Magsarig kita sa Dyos pero maghingo’a kita nin daing siring sa pag’asenso!”

Ini an totoo. On “Ka-Fuerte, Ka-Suerte” (Published on March 04, 2021):

Earl Dorosan Escuro:

“Madel Alfelor Vs. MIGZ.....ALFELOR KAMI”

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.


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