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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Where’s Gota’s Milk?” (Published on March 25, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon :

“Camarinenses, are in utter desperation over projects ever since like the CWC. These are used for international media mileage but poor financial management gripped these loaned flagship infrastructures to be paid by taxpayers. If you resist, you will be punished. But for bad projects to triumph and perpetuate, it is because Camarinenses do nothing and are powerless to redress their grievances. When shall we say goodbye to the mismanaged financial records reporting as if dogs howling that seems to be considering themselves invincibles!”

• Gem Garcia

“GOTA(TAGO nlang an kritisismo)”

• Salvador Alcantara:

“Milking cow. I have never been there in the resort but I visited Caramoan in year 2001 for evaluation of proposed project and to organize group for livelihood purposes but it was not pushed through for some reason.”

• Witty Del

“It’s a long time overdue practice ,,, sad ,, so sad that whom we vote ,, put them into power ,, don’t really does what they are supposed to do ,, instead,,,,sell us to the devil & throw us to the dogs !!!”

• Nonoy Verz

“If Gota Beach a public property, all income and expenses is subject for accounting law and even the peoples money had been spent for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance that’s why disbursing income without accounting and without following rules in regulations is tantamount for corruption then officers should be liable for violations of anti corrupt practices of the government laws.”

• Ramon Olano Jr.

“It is the responsibility of the Provincial COA to audit all provincial government corporations. Is the Gota Beach Resort a privately run entity? Or is it part of the tourism project of the provinciaI government and therefore under the auditing power of COA? Is it making money? Or is it losing? Definitely, the provincial government should be truly transparent in this regard. We wonder if the books are even properly maintained. We also got inside info that the employees at CWC Pili are drawing their salaries from the provincial coffers. Again the question: Is this CWC a government corporation? If it is, it is therefore subject to proper auditing rules. Many decades now have passed and only one family, the Villafuertes, have been running the provincial government. The people of Camarines Sur are entitled to receive a financial report of these public businesses and of their upkeep. We are voicing out not because the election is near. We are simply putting into record of what should have been done a long time ago. The silence is deafening.”

• Fred Araya

“I like most the last two sentences of your editorial, Atty. Henry! ”

• Erma Abina Zielke

“when will the Filipinos ever learn? so sad.that’s the reason i left Philippines”

• Robel Paglinawan

“Is it really they are helping using public money or being helped by means of our money?Im confused.”

• Julio Tuason

“where is milk gone”

Ini an totoo. On “Plaza Kalamay” (Published on March 25, 2021):

• Juancho Tiaba:

“Hehehehe! Kong ang debate an pag urulayan nauugma akong magdangog (sorosolterito na man baya ako kaidto kaya pwede nang magpa “centro” nin solo) kong si Mr. Espeso (PVAO) vs Mr. Regachuelo(kalamay) ang napapalaban. Minarani ako ta nagkukusog na kan mga boses kan mga nag papashine nin sapatos na black and white an kolor asin con todo da amerikana.”

• Romeo Goc:

“Mawara na ang freedom park,nagsalida bulastog park kan naga na.”

• Eduardo Nicolas:

“Iyo kadto, nadalan man ako sa mga nag dedebate sa plaza Rizal, sabay bakal ni 10 centavos na mani.”

• Nahum Florendo:

“Pag tiripon an mga tawo sa plaza, siguradong yaon sa tahaw si kalamay.”

• Ricky Untalan Rebuya

“Kun mayo ng maireport kaidto an mga reporter pigla live n an debate s plaza Rizal.”

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.


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