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By Sandie Verdadero

-Controversial indecisive decisions of the FDA caught us FLATFOOTED. One is its decision to allow the Sinovac vaccines inoculated to Senior citizens DESPITE LACK OF CLINICAL TRIAL data. Mr. Conception, Go negosyo, of the private sector who ordered ASTRA-ZENECA vaccines was surprised of FDA making big fuzz of the blood clot issue of the said vaccines. The WHO has cleared Astra-Zeneca that its EFFICACY OUTWEIGHT the RISKS. And now these INVERMECTIN drugs given “compassionate special permit” although UNREGISTERED. You are right Sir Editor, FDA is washing its hands like Pilate putting the blame on doctors of its possible side effects. We are caught FLATFOOTED by these TURN OF EVENTS. Ano ba talaga kuya? Down with those broadcast commercial involving certain drug as WONDER drug!!! Who use God’s name for profit?


By Sandie Verdadero

China, Russia, and some Eastern bloc countries are known for their communist ideologies. Maoist China and Marxist Russia are the two powerful nations that propagate communist influence around the world. In the Philippines, the NDF-CCP-NPA are a Maoist type of communist terrorist group. Digong hated much these group which he branded TERRORIST and blamed for the sorry state of our economy and peace and others. But Digong is too friendly to China, which DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY patronizing their comrades. CCP-NPA terrorist, by providing discreetly arms and money. If Digong dislikes the said terrorist group, why he is so pro-china, a sinophile? China is in possession of the territory of our WPS and no intention of leaving, and Digong asserts that all DIFFERENCE with China can be resolved thru SILENT DIPLOMACY. Sinovac vaccines can’t


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