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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Chicken and Egg” (Published on December 10, 2020):

• Antonio Doblon

“Perhaps Duterte’s aproach to drug menace resembles the leftist way of taking arms to end any oppressive government. The leftist dubbed ever since all constitutionally catapulted leaders as corrupt. But CPP-NPA will never win as they also bleed monies forcibly from merchants and during elections considering how could they survive without financial patrons. The government enacted the anti subversion law and implemented the party-list representatives. Party list I’d should be represented by marginalized, poor, NGOs, and real farmers. But trapo and rich politicians circumvent party list selection to their own selfish interest. The AFP can file criminal cases to the leftist they being recognize by anti-subversion law. The manners how these leftist exist and are elected are really the making of their legal fronts. The leftists lawmakers even without the presence of legal evidences are really using their Congress allocations and political clout in maintaining CPP-NPA activities. And their tribe are brainwashed to conceal and deny it publicly to keep the Pandora’s box locked!”

• Marilou Falcon

“You nailed it again!”

Ini an totoo. On “ Palanggana” (Published on December 10, 2020):

• Russell Rosero

“5ng piye pag kalot sa parteng Haring Canaman igwa po nin bugitis”.

• Luis Cabalquinto

“May mainit na mga burabod sa pamitisan kan Bukid Isarog, ebidensiya na may volcanic activity sa irarom”.

• Benito Claro

Magayon, at least natatawanan nin kaliwanagan ang mga tao dgd sa Cam Sur, base sa storya saimong tinukar. Salamat sa saimo Idol.

“On Wary of Boomerang”

• By Sandie Verdadero

CORRUPTION CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. The present administration for four years now, had tried and still trying to ERADICATE corruption and illegal drugs. What happened to the government campaign against these two evils in our society? Why is the REPORT of COA and recommendations of the PACCare not taken seriously? The problem is those suspected of committing corruption are RARELY exposed, no serious investigation conducted, no cases filed in court. Some are only dismissed from office, never put in jail.

As of this date, I have no knowledge that a corrupt government official was imprisoned!! The iRONY due to CORRUPTION the people in public service were ABLE to get AWY with them looting of the national treasury. The controversial officials close to the administration who had done wrong are rotated or promoted bur should have been PROSECUTED. SAGIN SAGIN BATAG IYO BOY.

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