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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or

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On “ eSalvar is Optional” (Published on May 06, 2021):

• Ramon Olano Jr

“Ako maski habo-habo, nagpagibo na sanang e-salvar card. Mas delikado logod magparasurat ka sa suratan nindang maski siisay na kamot nagumlo’. An covid virus pati nadukot sa papel nin 12 oras.!.”

• Norman Avengoza

“It’s good that people are now questioning the over reach of government authorities as … infringements of individual rights to protect the general public is very much open to abuse of authority and petty tyrants are the result…”

On “Sustainability and Control” (Published on April 22, 2021):

• Marilou Falcon

“You just get better and better! Always look forward to your editorials.”

Ini an totoo. On “Kwarta-Kwarta sana ” (Published on May 06, 2021):

• Joy Villareal Cledera

“Kuta na po ang kwarta sa bulsa sana”

• Pantaleon Sanfuego


“NO STRINGS ATTACHED” By Sandie Verdadero

DU30 acceptance of vaccine donations from Chinas has AFFECTED his handling of such SENSITIVE issues as, fisherman’s survival, the Chinese occupation of the destruction of the marine ecosystem. He boasted that we have “utang na loob” to a true friend China due to Sinovac vaccines, as he hesitates to push HARDER vs China continuing violation of our country EXCLUSIVE economic zone. The DOF reported that the gov’t has ACCUMULATED $18.4 billion (P887 billion) foreign loans for COVID-19 RESPONSE. These loans can buy ENOUGH VACCINES to INNOCULATE 70-80% of the 110 million of our population to ACHIEVE herd immunity. The gov’t can AFFORD to BUY all the vaccines it needs if available, including that EFFICACY with safety ratings SUPERIOR to China vaccines. To put an END to this DRAMA over “utang na loob” for those donations with STRING ATTACHED.

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