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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Watchful Eyes Needed” (Published on July 15, 2021):

• Perfecto Bragais III

I don’t see the direction of your editorial Manong Henry. Is it meant to criticize the decision to take on a 700M loan because the capacity of LGU Naga is highly doubtful or to praise it because the proposed projects are allegedly necessary, etc.?

I also think that you are asking the wrong questions. One crucial question I think you should have asked is why secure a 700M loan less than a year before the next election? Another question is why should the city spend for projects 7 months into 2021 that were in the Annual Investment Plan of 2020? A third question that you should have asked is how much will the city amortize every year for the 700M loan? A fourth question is did the city bother to study how the repayment will affect social services to the people?

• Jose Fernando Obias

Public officials who obtain/approve loans from any bank should pledge their own assets/property as collateral until the loan is fully paid.

• Ramon Olano Jr.

700 million pesos loan is a huge financial burden for the City. Has there been a feasibility study done for the projects slated to be funded? We really hope it will not be the Nagueno who will be overly burdened paying off the loans.

On “Boon or Bane” (Published on July 08, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon

“Somebody called it hocus PCOS since ballot switching can’t be used as trick of the trapos. Pictures maybe used as a way to choose or vote candidates electronically. Because the nature of digitalized elections, trapos publicly buy votes by inviting voters to visit the house of the candidate and be given 1 to 2k pesos per voter. Trapos also claims all government programs by coordinating in different agencies and select their own supporters as the recipients which is a violation of anti epal law. This coming elections I guess, due to pandemic, vote buying will be using ATMs and will upscale the price at 2k pesos per voter. As Gov. Escudero said, he will not let His Heart seek election post because he want to invite other citizens to be leaders because they may have a better ways to serve the people. Like the person of Jesse Robredo, dynasts have no sole franchise to serve our province the better way. That is the purpose why anybody can file candidacy. But culture of politics makes honorable posts an expensive position to obtain.To be honorable public servant, a candidate should not buy votes. But that is just the ideal, not a practical notion nowadays.”

• Marilou Falcon:

“As always, very well said!”

• Shulan Primavera

“Excellently written and mentally stimulating, as usual.”

On “Diversionary Tactics” (Published on July 01, 2021):

• Erma Abina Zielke

“Refusal magpa vaccine arrest daw corrupt officials pinalabas ? Ano ba yan? Tapos problema pa wala naman supply ng pang vaccine. Threatening the constituents is not the solution . Asan na yong inutang pambili ng vaccine? Sinovac pa buti na daw kesa sa wala?? Here in EU Sinovac is not allowed for vaccine dahil sa effeciency and pwede kami mamili.. Kawawang Pinas”

Ini an totoo. On “Ka-Fuerte VS Anduyog” (Published on July 08, 2021):

• Adeth F. Gavino

“Sana mabasa an mga komento mo saka isaboot bakong sige sawsaw na dae man nin aram kan tunay na issue, Hay buhay dae nin katapusan, ”

• Apollo Almeda Villamora

“Sain daw Kita pupuruton kapwa ko Pilipino asin Bikolano sa sunod na lachada political.”

• Nelson Caceres

“Sa gabos na isinurat mo sa saimong column, ini ang pinakamaurag asin halos totoo. I liked the way you opened the minds of every Pinoy that corruption here is systemiç in our political system. I still have, though, to comprehend na sagin sagin lang ang akusasyon ni Packy sa admin ni Dut. If this is true, Packy looks like a fool.

Although I fully agree that all politicians in the country are dancing “sa kumpas kan musika ni Dut”. Good job.”


• Sandie Verdadero

-China is playing a DOUBLE GAME, Landgrabing of our WPS territories and SUPPLYING Low efficacy Sinovac Vaccines. China is the cause of all MISERIES we are having now. Exporter of SARS, Bubonic plague, illegal drugs, COVID-19 pandemic which AFFECTED WORLDWIDE. Also, a supporter of the CPP-NPA insurgency, and granting behest loans with strings attached to poor countries like ours. Are we Filipinos DAMNED and STUPID? We are not MENDICANTS. Down with China. Defend our SOVEREIGNTY. Lately, China has DUMPED “BASURA” at WPS.

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