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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Politicizing Rice” (Published on September 02, 2021):

Tacorda Noel:

Labo labo panao bagas..

Erma Abina Zielke:

Kulang na sana. bawat butil pangaranan ninda para may utang na boot sainda. Herac man kang mga tawo katumbas sana ng pirang butil na bagas boto ninda..Hay buhay..

Ramon Olano Jr.:

Our politicians have weaponized rice for their own political advantage to catch votes. Yet they were so insensitive to the plight of our poor farmers when they allowed the Rice Tarrification Law to pass which only benefited the rice importers and rendered the rice producers at great disadvantage with the entry of cheap rice from abroad. With this stupid law, the Philippines has become a rice importer instead of becoming a robust exporter of rice.

Victor Dennis Tino Nierva:

Atty Henry V. Briguera the very group who has been helping the city hand in hand wrote them a letter to stop this stupidity, but they didn't listen. Our hospitals are full now.

Ini an totoo. On “ JRs & SRs an ” (Published on September 02, 2021):

Fred Araya:

Apuera ki Jordan, mga kabisto ko si Gerry asin si Melo. Amigo ko si Melo. Kan yaon pa siya sa Legazpi asin ako iyo man como tagapagtaram kan DENR Bicol kaidto, pirmi kami magkaiba ni Melo...over cups of coffee or bottles of beer. Si Gerry nakabisto ko thru Ching who is now my wife. Si Jordan batchmate kan ngohod kong tugang sa Ateneo HS. Mag'amigo man kami kan famosong si Doming Alarcon! May their souls rest in Kamurawayan na daing kasagkoran.

Ramon Olano Jr.

Padi iheras ko tbi ini sa SB

ADVENT OF TRUTH (September 9, 2021)

Sandie Verdadero

Is wearing of face shield in our country NECESSARY and PRACTICABLE? Sen. Gordon in the Senate hearing on the ANOUMALOUS procurements of PPE's, Face Masks, and Face Shields, REVEALED that in the US and other advance countries, faceshields are not required to wear by general public. They are SUITED in the hospitals. Our DOH should have RESEARCHED of the advance countries Billions of pesos were WASTED in the ACQUISITION of these health materials. HEADS must roll. The Senate must initiate the filing of appropriate charges at rhe Anti-graft court or nothibg will come out as to the cases od Ninja cops, Philhealth officials NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE US FREE.

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