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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Tyrants All” (Published on September 27, 2021):

• Antonio Doblon

Many supplies are evidence of the government sub standard purchases. Among which were the barangay multicabs, combined treshers, computer desktops which were purchased from PS-DBM. Those items were bought just to earn the kickbacks. The government procurement law can be circumvented just to earn profits. If the Senate inquiry aid us with an appropriate legislation, that would be great. Duterte and Gordon are all guilty in purchasing corruption in the government. Duterte in a cabinet meeting where the proposed PPE purchase was tackled said even if it us expensive, it will protect the public, but Duterte said faceshields are useless but why they purchase it? Gordon also milked the PHILHEALTH with millions for Red Cross services. These government officials can’t device ways and means to save money because they are motivated by corruption, greed and patronage politics. Then 2022 elections is fast approaching. Secrecy of vote buying is now done at 1P1,500 price per voter. They corner voters to come to their camps, affix their signatures and buy voters. How can they offer good governance from the start of buying votes to be replenish by corruption in the government. Perhaps 2022 is the start. But hunger knows no principle to rectify errors. So many trapos don’t address real problems of the poor because they want poverty to be the pivot of their political winnability.

• Ekok Arcos

Isipin natin. Isipon ta, harayuon na kamo. Stand your ground. We’re not talking on the foul mouthing of the ‘panggulo’ or the ‘arrogance’ of Dick but the...

billions and billions of people’s money gone to waste. Either noon pa nangyayari o kalakaran na, today is a different time and space dahil mayroon tayong pandemya! That questionable transactions and inconsistencies are super duper bad timing. And we, the Filipinos deserve to know the Truth. Why not stand firm and just focus on what the Senate hearing is doing? This is the only institution, aside from OVP na bumabangga sa pader. Who else pa dares to slam their head to the wall?

Pangadyi tabi, pray for all of us. Pray for enlightenment. Dios Mabalos!

• Marilou Falcon

Wawa man ang Pilipinas at tayong mga Pilipino!.

• Ramon Olano Jr.

I concur with your opinion the investigation of the Senate re the Pharmally scandal has touched a very raw nerve in our people who are gravely suffering due to the pandemic. Duterte and his cabal are clearly out to make a huge killing in the anomalous transactions. These people have reached the depths of moral depravity!.

Ini an totoo. On “ Midya sa Buhay ni Louie ” (Published on September 23, 2021):

• Henrietta Vichozo

Iyan si sir Ernie very informativean idinusuratsa tataramon na bicol malinaw maiintindihann kan kadaklan

• Jose B. Dulce

Igwa pa siyang LRV Agri Resort sa San Bernardino, Calabanga.

• Russel Rosero

Pambihira an arog mo tbi bokal Ernie Verdadero na maisurat asin mailadawan an agui agui ni defuntong LRV pra mabasa asin masabutan kn arog mi na kulang an pag ka isi sa mga kalakawan kaidto kan siya nabubuhay pa. Dios mabalos po

What Is Going On

• Sandie Verdadero

How consistent and realistic are the policies of the DO/IATF officials in battling surge in Covid-19 cases? How effective are lockdowns, quarantines and how alert levels? Dae nakukua ang patama? Octa and UP research teams reports sometimes contradict. Fully vaccinated people with Sinovac vaccines get Covid-19 again. They need third dose said vaccines efficacy good only for 6 months. The senate is being lambasted for its courageous probe for ferry out the truth of the misuse of covid-19 funds. The executive, legislative, and the judiciary are CO-EQUAL, but under PRRD, the executive is the MOST POWERFUL cronies of the power that be greedy contracts at expense of millions poor God-forsaken countrymen. “IF THE VACCINE IS NOT EVERYWHERE, THIS PANDEMIC IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE”


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