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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Survival Instinct” (Published on December 17, 2020):

• Norman Avegonza

“Here in the USA, front liners are getting the vaccines first, then the older susceptible populations in nursing homes and so on down the line. The younger populations last for reasons that survivability are so much higher up to 99.98 percent if infected. Data shows that school children seem to be not really affected at all, except for some sniffles. The regular flu is so much more dangerous for the kids...”

• Antonio Doblon

“There is no inconvenience as hard as what COVID 19 brought in our entire life this first quarter of the 21rst century. Economic warfare and cultural colonization is the new weapon of advancing towards world powers. The biological weaponry is the most dreaded arsenal. Debilatate the enemies’ forces by contaminating it with COVID 19 flu and respiratory mutant virus. Then weak leaders of nations affected will be known. If Health sector is not resilient enough health workers will stage a distress time out. Ambulatory inconvenience will collapse the economy, making authoritarian leaders panic for any solutions to be out of economic quagmire their states fallen into. This maybe the reason of Trumps’ losing. China whose priority is mass production and greater profit margins compromising quality of their cheaper products want to saturate the markets. And despite being the biggest and most populated country ambitiously claims the entire South China seas, reefs and Himalayas to mine resources. In this pandemic, Darwin’s natural selection theory persist that those who can adapt to change lead to survival of the fittest. This makes our greedy leaders to corrupt more in government like feasting wolves while portraying themselves in live cabinet meetings like the best COVID 19 czars whereas the citizenry clamors for more effective supression of the virus of corruption for the funds they allocate in the infamous Acts of Bayanihan to heal, recover , grow to regain our ailing economically again!”

Ini an totoo. On “Huring-huding: mga taga-media sa politiko”

(Published on December 17, 2020):

• Niño Manaog

“Garo “Beribentot” dangan “Makuapo ni Beribentot” (mi na kadto) kan panahon sa Pillars, an college paper kan Ateneo de Naga. Blind item. Eavesdropping. Ini tabi, Uncle Ernie, an saro sa mga totoong Konswelo sa Radyo. Sa gabos na nadadangog ko sa radyo, ini man nanggad an saro sa mga nagtatatak sa isip ko. Intríga. Kontrobérsya. Anomalíya. Chíka. One of the timeless news values known to man. It sells (because it entertains). It sizzles. But it also fizzles (out). Because it’s intended to only be funny. “Huringhuding”. Magayonon dangogon.

Onomatopeia? Garo baga ini an tanog kan mga boses na nadadangog ta alagad dai man talaga naiintindihan. Garó lamok o layog-layog na naghihinghing (siempre sa satong talinga). Garo man sana rimóngrimóng. O rubórúbo. Words I probably first heard from my folks, particularly my grandparents. Abáng nàgom kan satong lengwahe. Which is what anyone else does say about their own.

• Hermie Aguila

“iyo man nanggad, kun dae mo pigsabi dae ko man mamamalisyajan.”.

• Rudy Baldemor

“Huring huding bako ng totoo hehehe.”

• Mariano Joaquin Victorino

“Double D”

• Danny Disuanco

“Ang orihinal maurag man giraray...”

• Ramon Olano Jr.

“Isay ining paratalayop sa radyo?”


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