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On “ Spiritual Or Secular?” (Published on March 17, 2022)

Ramon Olano Jr.: Is it true some religious groups endorse a candidate for a fee or to soften the allegation, to expect a “generous donation” ?

Efren Ramirez Dizon: Well said isipon ta host, DZGE radio station...

Sandie Verdadero: The Catholic Church is not openly supporting any candidate, but its members are also CITIZENS and VOTERS. They have spiritual and moral obligations to GUIDE particularly those MISGUIDED flock. Considering that a well-known RM awardee journalist has said, “This election is battle of Lies and Money, the church can’t be idle.” Fake news and money changed hands. Money can buy “principle” as the case of many politicians, and some showbiz people. These religious denominations motivated by earthly interest endorsed politicians for monetary considerations and juicy positions in the gov’t. Election time is “happy days” are hear again for these denominations since it is a REALITY that politicians look for them. Need I need to say more?

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