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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Institutionalizing Mendicancy” (Published on March 24, 2022):

Ramon Olano Jr.: Outright cash doleouts is not really a solution. But the poor is at least cushioned from the negative impact of financial deprivation. One who is in Class A and B cannot feel this trauma being experienced by our poor wallowing in grinding poverty. But again our government must really push hard in creating business opportunities, aggressively pushing for programs that encourage the growth of entrepreneurship among our people. It is only the flowering of businesses and industries that can create massive employment., aside from public works projects.

Erma Abina Zielke: 200 Pesos ano mabakal kaiyan? Susmaryosep

Nestor Felix: There is no evidence the poor no longer want to work. The problem is there is no work, and the government is to blame. So the government provides cash transfer conditional or not maybe out of guilt.

But there is evidence from global studies cash transfer enables the poor to meet their basic needs for food, education and health. They can overcome financial shocks because of disasters, health crisis like Covid-19.

The main issue re cash transfer is the identification of prospective beneficiaries or targeting deserving beneficiaries.

Cash transfer will not contribute to worsening mendicancy because the poor are not beggars. Yes, it makes them complacent.

Concepcion Pelo: I am saddened about the directive prohibiting sari-sari stores from selling over-the-counter medicines. I grew up in a remote barangay; the only access to a pharmacy was through paddling a boat for 15 to 20 minutes. The other option was via motorized boat, which indeed indeed incurred additional expense. The situation in my barangay remains the same today. This breaks my heart.

Andrie Gaor: The ayuda that they are distributing if given to the wrong hands sometimes ignites trouble in the family when said amount was spent in gambling or liquor that benefits only 1 member of the family recipient.


Sandie Verdadero: Why? BBM is honest, truthful, a person for others, who is love by the masses. BBM is the most qualified among the presidentiables. BBM has the most comprehensive, elaborate platform of good gov’t to cure the ills of our nation, such as the still unresolved pandemic, rampant corruption, unbated illegal drugs, rising inflation, massive importation ate the expense of poor farmers, fishermen detrimental to our ailing economy, unwanted teenage pregnancy, CHina never ending bullying, etc. BBM will shape the course of our political system which is saddled by corrupt politicians, political dynasties. BBM has no hint of corruption. BBM is BICOLANANG BABAE MAGANA, no less than VP LENI, where Destiny will bring here to Malacanang.”Need I say more?”

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